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  1. pfaff335 parts.pdfpfaff adjustment.pdfhey all, i have an older 335 and i find these documents relevant to my machine...cheers
  2. Hi all, here is a couple of round bags that i made. The big one measures 28cm and the small on 20cm. The small on has an inlay of emu leg. Hand sewn. Thanks for looking. Cheers
  3. leatheroo

    Lawn Bowls Carrier

    I had a request for a lawn bowls carrier. The customer wanted something to carry two bowls from end to end. Heres what i came up with. cheers and merry christmas
  4. hi colt, yep the stitching on the left joins the two sides together. i was originally going to lace the left side, but cut to much leather off when trimming!!!
  5. Hi all Here is a small document folder that i have just finished. The original drawing was used with permission by the owner, Desiree Kerns at http://www.greyscalestudios.com I started by using this method http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=54298&hl=transfers, to transfer the image to the leather. I used photoshop to convert the image to mostly line drawing. I left some of the shading in to help with the painting. Here you can see the image is now carved, using the transfer as a guide. Next i painted the pegasus with a mix of black, gold, copper, etc. Mostly acrylics mixed with black dye. The shiny paint makes for difficult photos and different lights cast different colors. Inside the folder Finished Document folder. Cheers thanks for looking caroline
  6. lily, do you have an airbrush... i couldn't live without mine.
  7. I use a slightly different method. I complete wet the top layer and mold it around the stone using fingers and bone folder. (I am using kangaroo for the top). After it is dry, i use contact cement, completely covering top and bottom pieces and glue together again using bone folder and fingers. I always make the top and bottom much bigger than i need and trim with a head knife to correct size later. After it is dry, i use a scalpel to cut out the middle section to reveal the stone. I find the polished stones don't get marked from the scalpel and this way the hole doesn't get stretched and glue is right up to the edge. I then trim and burnish edges. cheer caroline
  8. pfaff335 parts.pdfpfaff adjustment.pdfba_335_06-09_e.pdf these might help cheers
  9. hi joel, yep i think i might. But I am low on kangaroo lacing and have been using scraps for these pendants. I have a hide and am thinking about cutting my own....hmmm
  10. Here is a pendant i have finished. The centre piece is emu leg leather. The lacing is a flat mex braid in kangaroo. cheers caroline
  11. My pfaff 335 came with a homemade attachment when i bought it. It works GREAT. You don't need a really close fit...the leather is not going to fall down a 1/4 gap. The cut out bit measures 9 inches on mine. cheers caroline
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