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  1. https://g.co/kgs/8ccw8e i got this in PDF and also obsessed over this guys videos https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iC0RoNws64Q
  2. Sent from my iPad woops that didn't work I'll try again
  3. Wowza! They are beautiful, do you have a dye for the scalloped edges on the thigh piece or do you cut it by hand?
  4. Good idea, I do know a few metal workers so that is a route I could take if I can't salvage any, thanks
  5. Grr having problems uploading photos, apparently they are too big, I'll figure it out
  6. It's a brass clip/ hook that hooks onto a brass buckle on the other side to close it around the waist if that makes sense I'll try and get better photos
  7. Great thanks for this, looking into changing the nickel would be a good idea too, the reason I used nickel is because I got a huge amount of buckles free with some leather so it would be useful to make them usable and not so shiny and new looking! 'Fuming' oooh sounds intriguing
  8. Yes I think brass would be best. Forgive me for being dim but I'm not very well versed in everything shooting and just make to customers specifications, I'm sure I'll keep finding out new things, what do you mean by black powder?
  9. I have enbarked on another brain twisting re creation of a 1910 Swedish Mauser bandolier belt, I have an original and have made a pattern and finished the main body up, going to add Sam brown studs when I they arrive. Im finding it near nigh impossible to find the correct brass fitting to clip on around the waist though, I'll attach some photos, if anyone has a clue where to find it your thoughts are welcome thanks.
  10. Cheers matey there is a buckle on both sides so the wearer can change the strap easily, I've made a strap with extra cartridge pockets ( in case 75 isn't enough in the main compartment!!) what do you recon about the buckles do you think they should be traditional brass? I've had a lot of shooting folk saying that's a must, probably worth investing for the next one.
  11. Sorry guys seem to have missed your comments here! Thankyou very much for them, better late than never!
  12. Thank you I have emailed them
  13. Hi thanks very much for the offer, do you mean the blade is 2 3/4" ? If so unfortunately that won't be for me as I'm looking for at most 1 3/4 and as thin as possible. Thanks any way
  14. Why not! Have you heard of yarn bombing? Google image it if you haven't, you could leather bomb your bike!
  15. You should, have you tried pirographing them onto leather or wood? That would look cool
  16. That looks like a really lovely smooth one, the blades I have got recently are almost razor sharp and brittle. Please could you send me a link for this awl? I hope they ship to the uk
  17. Hi guys and gals, I'm having some awl problems, my trusty perfectly honed awl that was passed down to me snapped whilst making a cartridge bag, since then I have tried a few new blades but they all seem soooo sharp and no matter how much polishing each edge it doesn't feel right,and I can feel it just slicing through the leather. I'm using a Blanchard at the mo, any suggestions? Thanks
  18. Ooo beautiful, great find! Someone has looked after them very well, imagine all the story's they would tell of they could speak!
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