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  1. For wholesale customers, watch for your next sale flier with prices from 9/1-10/31, the round and oval Master Tool Punches will be going on sale. They look to be about 15% off. These punches (along with our Deluxe Round Knife) are featured on the back cover of the flier. Any specific questions shoot me a pm.
  2. Your welcome...let me know if I can do anything else for you!
  3. Weaver has a 1" trigger snap in black, our #225 snap. We also have the scissor style trigger snap in 1" and 5/8" in black. http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/54892/001/58 http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/56061/001/58 Let me know if i can help at all.
  4. Weaver has this exact same hardware. This particular buckle is the 0Z150-BK-11/2 and the snap is Z5015-BK-5/8. We have a few buckle options depending on what you are looking for and we are continuing to expand our line of black hardware, it is doing very well for us. Any questions let me know. Thanks
  5. Just starting out I would say buy one of the cheapie wood strap cutters...they actually work great for the money. Like this http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/5690/001/193 Or you can buy a pre punched belt blank and then you just cut it to size (you can use a utility or other knife for the point if you dont have a punch) and punch the holes. Here is a 12/13oz english bridle that makes a nice single ply heavy belt. If you want to tool it you would have to buy a natural veg and then dye it however. http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/46739/001/158
  6. Weaver has them, I believe you have a wholesale account with us, correct? 0Z150-BK-11/2 They are not in the catalog yet, but if you call in customer service should be able to find them and they are in stock.
  7. I would try to unroll it and let it sit in the sun for a few hours and see if it all evens out. Depending on where you are the sun this time of year may not be strong enough and may take more time than that.
  8. We sell Chahin leather. If you are referring to the english bridle, and comparing it to HO or WC, it is a very different leather than those. It contains much more stuffing (greases, waxes, tallows) than either of those options. It is not made to form or wet mold...it will not perform well in that function because of the stuffing. But as far as long term durability, due to the stuffing it will hold up very well to rugged outdoor use. It is also not finished with any top coat from the tannery, that is up to the user. The Chahin latigo is a nice leather as well...again, completely different than HO and WC. It is a true latigo being a chrome veg retan, whereas HO is straight veg. Again, that will allow it to hold up exceptionally well in rugged use than a straight veg tannage. Any specific questions shoot me a PM I would be glad to try and help you out or send you a cutting. Edited to add-All of the Chahin Leather we sell is North American Jumbo Steer Hides, no imported hides.
  9. That looks like a pigmented leather with a "haircell" print. Its done with a large press and plate with that pattern, normally done at the tannery. Our black Hermann Oak strap leather has a haircell texture that would look pretty close to that. The color is also struck through. A lot of holster makers use that leather, we have 6/7 and 7/8oz. Weaver item # is 03-430S-6/7 or 03-430S-7/8 depending on the weight you want.
  10. I agree, if your going to do any tooling use natural veg, dye and finish it. it will hold up fine. Maybe a light coat of oil as well.
  11. You do know, that depending on the latigo there could be chrome in latigo. A true latigo is a chrome veg retan. It is chrome tanned first and then retanned in vegetable tannage to acquire some properties of both tannages. Im not sure about Wickett but I do know that Hermann Oak's latigo is now all veg I dont think they do any chrome at all. Our Chahin latigo is a true latigo and is a chrome veg retan. The reason being is the chrome is what gives latigo its ability to be so durable in the elements. For your project I would definitely suggest english bridle however.
  12. I would think that leathers like english bridle, harness, etc could have a wax finish step. But in my mind skirting and strap/tooling would have minimal if any wax finishing. Seems to me that would hinder the ability to case the leather properly. Maybe worth a call to chat with them about the specifics of what you are looking for.
  13. If you cut a wedge of some kind out of a sturdier material, you can use that the run through on top of your strap and split the strap to a tapered edge...The wedge would need to go on top of the strap with the thicker edge toward the end of the strap with the taper toward the rear.
  14. I would say what you have is a corrected grain (top grain) with pebble or tumbled look. I doubt it is a finished split, however I am not sure there is a real great way to tell a finished split from a top grain, other than if you have one beside the other you can easily tell the difference in strength because you can tear the split. But its still "real" leather...it is just the bottom drop from the flesh side.
  15. For ease of use the Little Wonder cant be beat for a bench top setter. It sets rivets effortlessly. Even if you buy it now and upgrade to a foot press down the road most people still find use for keeping the Little Wonder, set it up to punch holes, set something else you don't do as frequently so you don't have to change the tooling on your foot press, etc. The Heritage model Foot Press has been discontinued as we came out with the new MT900 model with the automatic attachment options. There are normally a lot of used foot press options at our annual consignment auction as well, but that would have to wait until next June. Let me know if you have any specific questions on the Little Wonder or the MT900.
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