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  1. hi eveyone, ive been asked to make something like the picture, but i dont know the name for the o ring triangle thing on the front, could anyone enlighten me or point me at a retailer in the uk . thanks :-)
  2. hi jim, its a craftaid http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112021286976?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT you shuld e able to get onefrom tandy or ebay :-)
  3. hi everyone, thank you for the kind words, and hi wulfing, im not far from lulworth cove if you know it and they are they are just double cap rivets with the antique brass finish :-) and hi bonecross, , that was actually a double stitch,that i didnt notice until i took this picture DOH! :-) and yes, celtic design is all carved ,bevelled and back grounded by hand, took a while.... lol ;-)
  4. great first attempt sam :-) you will learn something every time you make something, a couple of suggestions to be going on with, dont over do the water when wetting down your project, a quick run under the tap or a spray bottle will be enough for thinner leathers,then allow it to dry off for a couple of minutes, try using a camouflage tool around the edge of your basket weave tooling, learn how to sharpen your tools, even if you just bought a brand new edge beveller ,lifter, swivel knife etc, always give them a sharpen before you start any project, moist of all, keep at it, your doing great :-)
  5. the easiest way to look at any bag, is to start with a square/rectangle ,the same dimensions as you want the finished bag to be, and work from there. so grab some pizza boxes or some large card and make it out of cardboard first, then use that for your templates. front-back(with flap)- gusset and thats the basic format for any bag all the rest is down to personal preference. re stitching or lacing. search pinterest for ideas or any site you can find with what your basically looking for . and of course keep plugging away on here for help, but most of all DONT GIVE UP :-) regards sharkey :-)
  6. hi rub, im on etsy too, i have a friend who does pyrography/etching on wood etc, and her advice was to have at least 60 + listings to be taken seriously as a seller,she made 40 grand from etching stuff on hammers etc :-) . i have around 50 items at the moment and i average 2 likes and 50 views per day, 80 views in a week is fair going for a single item, so get busy and get noticed lol ;-)
  7. i just wanted to show this before i do the dying process.......just in case i fluff it up :-)
  8. im likely to be hung by my thumbs for saying this.....but, personally i think the leather was "too" wet when you carved it. casing thick leather is absolutely the right thing to do, however, 3mm is the thickest i have used yet ,and simply running it under the tap is ample to get a nice crisp carve, when the leather is too wet is goes like putty, which is a little like your picture, also, the design you are carving from is fine, but .. for example , the top left of the flower sort of merges with the rest of the design, with no clear outline, if i may suggest an exercise , try carving just the flower, inside a box leaving say half an inch all the way around, bevell round the flower,then use your back grounder out to the inside edge of the box, start a new carve, but this time add just a couple of shoots, nothing fancy, the idea is to get your carving precise and crisp, and as someone pointed out, try using a form of highlighter, or antique dye, i use the smoke black ecoflow highlighter, it really help bring out the detail . the only other thing i will say is, stick at it, practise is ,as always the key word ,, you have all the right ideas and the know how,with the bonus of being able to design your own designs, personally i cant draw for ......well you get my drift lolol ;-)
  9. very very nice, did you forget the holes or is that the design , either way top job :-) your keepers look fine, options for you to try, use thinner leather, skive both ends, if you did skive them, skive a bit further along, if you want them with crisp edges, make a press from 2 pieces of wood when the leather is wet and bend it to get a nice edge, however, like i said, your keepers look fine,
  10. just a thought, but what about using a button hole punch, then half the works done :-)
  11. hi moon, :-) my advise would be to start with plain old veg tan, you can buy it in all shapes and sizes,and thicknesses, aside from some oiled bullhide, veg tan is the go to leather for me, i use 3- 3.3mm for belts and fetish collars/pet collars and occasionally for bags,depending on the customers preference . however for things like bags and purses i use 1-2.5mm veg tan, the thinner veg can be used to make pretty much anything and will take a carve. if carving is something you are interested in, try to make something from the 3mm, the thicker the leather gives better results than the thinner stuff ,and in the long run will give you a better feel for carving on the thinner leathers. i started around 3 years ago and its part of my working life now, im no where near supporting myself yet but im hoping in time it will at least keep the wolf from the door. places like etsy.com are a good place to look for ideas and eventually sell your wares if you so choose. i live in england and my shop of preference is theidentitystore.co.uk they sell some really lovely veg tan and other leathers and tools too, however its probably a bit too far for you lol. welcome the forum and we are all looking forward to seeing your work here soon. :-)
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