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    Mystery machine

    The RB-1s were made in Japan, and they had gun metal gray finish. Looks like a lot of levers, dials, and covers are missing from this casting.
  2. Colt W Knight

    Cowboy Dealer in Ontario

    I don't know anything about the dealer, but I very happy with my Cowboy sewing machine
  3. Colt W Knight

    Luberto Wyndham Cub

    Windham Cub December 22, 2018 · Sorry about not posting. Weaver Leather has purchased the rights to produce the Windham Cub from us. They are a much larger company and I expect will be able to produce the Cub in larger quantities than we can. This will be good for you the consumer. Not sure when production will be up and running yet but it should be soon. Weaver Leather is based in Ohio and they are a wholesaler so I expect the machines will be available through their retailers. Advertisements for the Cub should be out soon. For more info you can contact me, Tony Luberto at " classiccub (at) frontier (dot) com. Ignore the linked Frontier below.
  4. Colt W Knight

    Is goldstar tool a known trusted supplier?

    I have one of their rivet presses I bought a few years ago. Worked great, and no problems with shipment
  5. My dad had one almost just like that. Super comfy saddle
  6. A few years ago, I got my dad a Ruger Blackhawk for Christmas. At the time, I wanted to make a holster to go with it, but I was finishing up my post doc. Simply, I didn't have enough time to get it done. He asked me for a shoulder rig earlier this year, and I said, how about a bandolero. That way you dont have buckles and snaps to fool with.
  7. Colt W Knight

    Is tension discs wear an issue?

    My Consew 206 discs wore a groove/channel through the tension discs that were causing all sorts of sewing issues. I replaced them, and all was well again. I am assuming these were the originals, so 30-40 years old
  8. Colt W Knight

    Cleaning a vintage Adler

    Warm soapy water ( with Dawn dish soap) used in conjunction with a scrub brush will clean damn near all manners of dirt and grease with absolutely zero health concerns. Just dry it off when you are done to prevent rust.
  9. I can send pics tonight when I get home
  10. Colt W Knight

    Just pulled the trigger on a Cowboy CB4500!!!

    I really enjoy using my Cowboy 4500. I make a lot of GPS Tracking collars, and the 4500 has been a life saver in labor. I use the wax pot(silicone) and it glides through biothane and thick leather effortlessly.
  11. Colt W Knight

    Do-it-all machine

    I second Wiz's response, the Consew 227 or similar machines would be great for bags, wallets, and belts.
  12. Colt W Knight

    Bandolero for my father

    This came from Weaver, but I generally get leather from Hide House
  13. Colt W Knight

    Sewquiet/workhorse vs FamilySew

    Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors, but not sure how that translates to real world sewing differences. I have 2 FS 550 motor, and I have no complaints. It will sew slowly, or faster, and has never given me any trouble. One on my consew206 and one on my cowboy 4500
  14. Colt W Knight

    rivet machine with auto feed hopper

    I have the Weaver with autofeed hopper. it is a bit finicky, and gets stuck frequently. But it saves me so much time, I still love it.
  15. Colt W Knight

    Bandolero for my father

    Sure thing. The Bandolero is 5/6 oz double shoulder lined with 5/6 oz double shoulder. I cut it in the V shape so that it flow around the shoulder better than a straight strap. The bullet loops are 2/3 oz kipskin leather. The holster is 7/8 oz double shoulder lined in 2/3 oz kipskin. Dyed on the front with fiebings pro oil dye black. Then finished with air brushed mop n glo thinned with water. the edges were burnished first with saddle soap, then beeswax. The bandolero is machine stitched, except for the where the holster folds over and meets. I had stitched that with some really thick thread for strength. My big sewing machine is on campus, and I didn't want to drive all the way out there for such a short stitch. The holster was wet molded, and baked to make it hard so it will keep its retention and shape for as long as possible. When I case my leather, I take that opportunity to give a good wash with saddle soap. I find this conditions the leather, and removes all the oils and dirt that can screw with dying. Before dye, I gave it a good coat of oil, let it sit overnight.
  16. Colt W Knight

    Time capsule 206RB

    M class bobbins, I think they are pretty common among machines.
  17. Colt W Knight

    Time capsule 206RB

    I really like my 206rb1. It will sew 3/8" leather with #138 thread
  18. Wish I could do horses that well. I sell mine for 150
  19. Colt W Knight

    consew breaking top thread on 4 layers not 3

    Sounds like the needle is getting hot and breaking tearing up the thread - my first thought
  20. Colt W Knight

    Making a maul - question?

    Ive used Delrin and HDPE, and I think they both have their advantages. The Delrin will break if its thin and you hit it hard enough.
  21. Colt W Knight

    cb4500 stitch issue with webbing

    Is this new spool of black thread? I've gotten black thread in the past that just wouldn't sew
  22. Colt W Knight

    Which sewing machine ?

    The GA5 machines are popular for folks sewing horse blankets.
  23. I have a 206, and it is super sensitive to needle alignment. Also, I have had to take the tension discs apart and clean/polish the inside to make it sew correctly.
  24. Weaver has discontinued their 1 1/2" solid tongue/double bar SS and brass buckles. I use these to manufacture gps tracking collars for livestock, and and I have a big order coming up. I can't find any anywhere. They are all 1" or narrower.
  25. Colt W Knight

    Best stuff to buy to sharpen swivel knives

    Keep in mind, not all manufacturers use the same colors for the same micron grit