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  1. If I recall correctly they're in the $70 range normally from Packer, so it'll at least be cheaper than that. Depending on the level of interest and what they can work out it might be as low as 10% off, or as high as 50%. I've even seen up to over 80% off on certain products, but I think that's abnormal. Most range from 10-40% off. And right now it's just voting, not buying. And we need 200 votes before they'll approach the company so spread the word.
  2. If you could go ahead and vote for it that would help get the ball rolling, this is just to see if they have enough community interest to warrant taking the time to contact the company.
  3. https://www.massdrop.com/vote/kangaroo-leather Mass Drop is a site that uses bulk buying power to save customers considerable amounts of money. The first step is to take a poll and see if there is enough community interest before approaching the company about the deal, typically needs 200 votes. Once they work out a deal they then set several price levels. The lowest level is the minimum amount it needs before the drop will happen, and the other levels simply decrease the price paid by the customers. Please go vote, I know a lot of people would love to buy some roo and not have to pay David Morgan level prices of $180/skin.
  4. All else being equal (mainly string thickness), does it make sense to use something like B-50 dacron bowstring (assuming it's stronger) than go with say waxed cotton, cotton/nylon string to do your wrapping with? What properties other than strength should I look for in string for bullwhip construction?
  5. willsketch

    Lace Width

    I'm having trouble figuring out how thick to make my roo lace for making both turksheads and standard plaiting around a core. I've been able to make do so far by just stepping up the turkshead until it fills up the space provided for the knot, however this is only good when I don't care about consistency between knots. I would like to be able to just measure the diameter of where the knot will be and apply a simple formula and arrive at how thick the lace needs to be. I've used bernie46's method for regular plaiting (take diameter, multiply by 4.5, divide by number of strands) and it seems to work ok. I'd like to know if there is a different multiplier if you want the braiding angle to be different (ie so it results in differently shaped diamonds when braiding).
  6. I would like to request access to the adult section. Thank you for your time.
  7. I am looking at buying some kangaroo skins. I've heard Packer has good prices but since they don't post online what their current prices are I have no clue and I don't want to place an order just to find out. Can anyone help me out here with what current prices are for their whip grade roo skins? I also noticed their specials and how cheap they were, does anyone have experience with buying these? Do you get to choose what you buy? I make adult toys like floggers, cats, and crops so most of the skins would be turned into lace.
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