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  1. user2013

    Rule Of Thumb For Thread Length?

    In case someone is still looking for the answer, I wrote this Android application to calculate the thread length based on the project thickness, seam length and number of stitches per inch. You can use it in inches and oz or switch to millimeters:
  2. user2013

    website question

    I can't help with neocities, you would need to speak to their support, especially if you paid for it... The only point I could see - do not use https:// unless it is your intention and you have the security certificate for your domain. Use http:// instead. You would need https:// if you accept online payments or want to secure usernames and passwords with encryption.
  3. user2013

    In Search Of Quiver Pattern

    That quiver has large opening, better for returning arrows. One that I did has 2 buckles, so you can adjust its height and the angle to make sure the arrows are always in the same comfortable for you position. So shooting would be easier. But its narrow opening makes it harder to use at the range because it is very hard to place arrows back into it. Photos of my finished quiver:
  4. user2013

    Samurai Back Quiver

    I like how the background changes its color, very nice. Also the flower on the bottom!
  5. user2013

    In Search Of Quiver Pattern

    I used this one: It is a PDF file, scale it as per your arrows - make sure that about 2/3 of the arrow's length is inside the quiver and 1/3 is outside.