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  1. That's the one. Worked a charm. All good advice. Gracias.
  2. My wife found this wine tote at the jockey lot. The bag is in excellent shape but the handle is rotten. I. Need to remove the steel rivets but figure will probably spin and oversize the hole. I can always stitch a new handle in but wont really match since dont have rawhide string. Any suggestions?
  3. It's dull so wouldn't cut much but I like the string theory. It's unique so may keep it like it is. Would put an edge back though.
  4. Anderson SC. Raised my kids right outside of Atlanta but we are slowly migrating to SC. I love buying old tools there, can still buy them at a good price without being treated as an antique decoration.
  5. Can't help with advice but want to redo a Corbin in brown leather so will keep an eye here. Good luck.
  6. Found this knife at the Jockey Lot today for 2 dollars. Guy said it was knife for cutting string in machines. Don't know. Had several so was clearly a manufacturing use tool. It says Wennerholm Atlanta,GA Made in Italy. Can't find anything bout it. Figure worst case I can make it into a mill knife. Would be easy enough on the grinder.
  7. Draw a quarter circle at the corner, cut it out and stitch up to the edge. Can you show a picture of the stacked leather bottom?
  8. "Ready for show" I'll say. That bike is a show stopper. Very very cool. Does he have the build documented on the web? I would like to have a closer look at some of those details like the primary and forward control set-up.
  9. Me too please. Joe.petersen at gmail
  10. An interesting read. Thought ya'll might enjoy. http://www.boot.com/quality.htm
  11. That's a beautiful piece of white oak. The figure is a perfect example of why I believe there may be equivalent exotic woods from around the world, but none better. Nice pony.
  12. I was raised in Cleveland. Good to meet you.
  13. Cool idea. Wouldn't scratch like the metal ones do.
  14. I made a knife sheath recently no where near as nice as yours. I like the videos. Just your straight forward process without all the talk.
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