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  1. That looks REALLY good! Thanks for taking the time to post it and provide some pics from along the way.
  2. Looks good! I would be interested to see how you did your thumb break and what you used for the stiffener.
  3. I've read that if you make the loops part of the holster, the "foot print" of the area you cut out of your hide gets large. Visualize what the pattern would look like - the "rabbit ears" would get much taller so there is enough leather to make loops. This is likely to lead to more waste on the hide you cut leather from.
  4. Looks outstanding! Exceptionally good clean work. I must admit that I'm a little biased since this is exactly what I want to make for myself. Out of all the variations out there, this is perfect to my eye and taste. You did an incredible job! Was this from any of the pattern packs out there?
  5. Nice looking work! I haven't made a sheath, so I don't have any suggestions, but it looks like you nailed it!
  6. http://www.willghormley-maker.com/MakingHOGRig.html
  7. I'm wondering what you guys use for the hook on a mares leg holster? This is the hook that catches the saddle ring. I found a pic of one that I think is ideal (the 2 attached pics), but will gladly take any suggestions. I have been pouring over the internet for a few hours and didn't find anything. Much to my surprise, I eventually did find a source for the metal spring clip that *should* work for the covered leather fore grip retainer. I'll post the source so the next person will hopefully have an easier time finding it. If someone knows of another source for those, I'd appreciate knowing that as well. http://www.riverjunction.com/Holster--Spring-Clip_p_511.html
  8. I find the rear section (near the tail) to be more dense than the shoulders. For this reason I prefer it for holsters.
  9. That sounds like the perfect solution! I'm gonna do just that. Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. That's exactly what I need, but it's about 950 too many of them.
  11. I've converted two hole to three hole, but would MUCH prefer to be able to buy them (in small quantities).
  12. That looks real nice! I don't think you'd have to be elderly for that to be your last holster; looks built to last for years. What keeps the band on (the one with the star)? Does the hammer strap keep it from sliding down? Did you use a full length welt? My very next project is a full western rig for a 686. I think I'm going to be referring to your pics for general guidance on how to make the mainsteam stitch line flow - because yours does it very well.
  13. I'm REALLY starting to like making lined holsters. The rigidity is unmatched compared to unlined holsters of the same thickness. This holster is made from two layers of 4-5oz Hermann Oak glued flesh side to flesh side. I use the "hidden" belt slots mostly because the full thickness of the holster would be a bit cumbersome to have under the belt. I think it looks more refined too. I used the edge finishing technique that John Bianchi shows in his holster making video (just got it for my birthday). The mag pouch is unlined. Any thoughts and criticism are welcome.
  14. Looks nice and clean. For aesthetic appeal maybe try to round the stitch lines around the trigger guard a little. I use a dime to find the right radius in that area. It probably doesn't affect the function, but I think it pleases the eye a little more to have a radius rather than a right angle. Just my two cents; it's still a solid holster.
  15. I like it! The stitch line is spot on. I like the subtle style you built into the reinforcement piece.
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