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    I'm mostly retired and enjoy carving leather. Strting to make a few things.

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  1. Just listed most all my handtools on ebay. Press, swivel knives(1 Henley), stamps, punches, and more.

  2. Just listed most all my handtools on ebay. Press, swivel knives(1 Henley), stamps, punches, and more.

    1. Sylvia


      Nice: I saw a couple things I

      could use but man... can't pay

      $150 to get three tools I really

      want/need. Too bad you didn't

      sell some of those individually.

  3. Regis

    Sorry it has taken me this long to reply. Press is the one from tandy Item #3990-00

    Also have tubular rivet die (3998-00) and multi purpose snap dies Item #3994-00.

    All are virtually new. I set a few snaps and that is all.

    Let me know if you still have interest.


  4. Regis

    Leather Work Videos

    The tapes have been taken. Helping young folk. Thanks, Regis
  5. DonR

    Hi Regis. I'm interested in your rivet press. Can you give me details?


  6. I have a group of VHS tapes. If you have some program for teaching kids contact me. You can have them. All or none. Here is list of the tapes: - Andy StasiakUse & Care of Hand Tools - Jim LennellFigure Carving -Cheryl SmejaDesigns in Leather - Dusty JohnsonHolsters -George Hurst Decorative PlatesFigure CarvingIntro to SceneryBasic Dying & FinishingBasic Leather StampingLacing and Saddle StitchingSpecial StampingCarving RosesColoring FiguresRolled Edges Thanks, Regis
  7. Regis

    Highlead Gc-0618-1-Sc

    Sold, and I've met a new friend. Also bought leather and that strap end punch that Andrew wanted. Now, I can get about the task of sorting, grouping, and pricing tools. Thank you John. I'll post list as soon as I can. And thanks to all. Regis
  8. Regis

    Highlead Gc-0618-1-Sc

    Yes, I have some strap end punches but, I don't want to seperate anything yet until someone buys the Highlead. They will get choice of all that I have if they want. That's the least I can do for someone getting this machine off my 2nd floor shop in my house. Thanks for asking Regis
  9. Regis

    Highlead Gc-0618-1-Sc

    K-Man I have a wide variety of leather and lots of hand tools, punches, stamps, etc.. Couple very good knives including a Henley. I do have a rivet press. Lots of rivet, buckles, belts and misc parts. I'll work on complete list soon and post. It's all small enough to put in the mail or Fedex. Regi
  10. Regis

    Highlead Gc-0618-1-Sc

    Yes, here are a couple.
  11. Regis

    Highlead Gc-0618-1-Sc

    I can no longer do leather work and must sell all my equipment and supplies. If you live within driving distance of Nashville and need an excellent leather sewing machine at lowest price, here it is. I have done very little since I bought this Highlead GC-0618-1-SC . A few holsters and purses so it is like new. It's complete with table, servo and all normal accessories. $600 picked up will get it. I can not lift or ship it. I have lots of small tools and fair amount of leather and I'll try to put togather a list and post before I go to ebay. Anyone buying the sewing machine can have all the bottles of dyes because I won't ship that. Email or call me at six one five-428-eight55O.
  12. happy birthday

  13. pmax

    I like your "About Me" statement it states the situation the country is in now. I'm just like a sponge right now, soaking up all I can. I'm going to enjoy working leather!

  14. Regis

    Stamp holder

    Neat idea. Just need to "stamp" a nice leather handle. I just got a similar one (vertical) in a box lot at a general item auction. Can't expand mine like you can! Regis
  15. Welcome Frida and with a little searching, you will find much here about selecting machines. The first thing to know is that you will need a walking foot needle feed machine. Your first link above appears to be a cylinder arm walking foot machine but, I can't read the description. A good test is to take some of the leather you will be sewing to the store and sew it. Be sure to sew corners and over multi layers just like you will be on your bags. You will probably sew with 92, 138, and/or 207 thread so you want to make sure all of those will work. By the links, you are probably not here in USA so machine numbers may differ some. There are many industrial machines that are not really suitable for leather, so try them yourself. You can look at the dealers here who have leather machines to get details. I don't think there is a dealer here selling Pfaffs but, the 1245 is a good flatbed machine for leather. Best of luck in your search and glad to have you here. Regis
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