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  1. Sure. Got it from this forum: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=14946 Although I used new steel wool pads and didn't 'pre rust' them. Just put them in a plastic ice cream bucket with one quart of white vinegar and let it brew in a warm corner of my yard to speed up the process. The plastic lid wuould come off easily if gas pressure built up inside. Stirred it up a little everyday when I got back from work, and kept adding pads until they wouldn't dissolve just to make sure all the vinegar had reacted / been used up. Then strained it with a coffee filter and stored in a couple glass bottles. Oh, and do read Chuck Burrows post (#4 in that thread, that´s good info). What I really can't comment on is the mix of tallow, lard, beeswax and extra virgin olive oil, because I've been adding to it trying to get the right consistence and actually lost track of the proportions. Unicorleather gives here a good basic recipe to start with: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=46931&p=387904 You´re welcome, and thank you too. It's pretty much the construction of a three piece gusseted brifcase as per Valerie Michael's Leatherworking Handbook. That pebbled/grainy look on the calf is most probably because of me fiddling with them trying to bend them, form them, glue them, etc. Just make sure it's not too snug and maybe put a hole in the bottom to push it up with her middle or ring finger when she wants to take it out. Thank you all, guys. I'll try and update with some pictures with the phone in place when the owner gets it. Cheers Juan
  2. Made of 6 oz veg tan and 3 oz calf for the gusset and pocket. Dyed with vinegaroon and hand stuffed as usual. A couple pictures of the WIP Cheers Juan
  3. Nothing wrong with it. High end watch straps are sewn that way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw43Isosh_s Cheers Juan
  4. I've been working on getting neater edges. Glad you like them. Made that clamp out of two broken chairs, Grumpy (bent boards for the jaws from one's backrest, leg from the other). The brass hinge was spendy but can't scrounge it all, right? Thank you all Juan
  5. Awesome. Love the detachable flashlight holder. That keyring would make a great lanyard attachment in a pinch.
  6. Thank you! Maybe a bit overkill to carry just a bus pass, but had a great time making it.
  7. Chrome tan scraps with pigskin lining, sewn at about 7 SPI. First attempt on the pockets with a homemade freehand hot creaser. I'm not that steady handed, just ran it along the edge of a steel ruler. Oh, and for once I used PVA instead of contact cement. Less of a hassle and I got to use my handy dandy cast iron book press. Gratuitous photos of the WIP: Cheers Juan
  8. Beautiful indeed. If you prefer strings then maybe Bach's cello suites and violin concertos? Can't comment on opera, the only one I know is 'Carmen' by Bizet.
  9. I'd suggest Beethoven's 9th and 5th, and Mozart's Requiem. I'm particularly fond of the versions with von Karajan conducting the Viena or Berlin Philarmonic.
  10. Lately, Porcupine Tree. Shame I didn't discover them earlier. Also Tool and Nine Inch Nails. Back when I used to make braided string lanyards a friend was astonished that I could plait listening to Pantera. Cheers Juan
  11. There are a few parts missing. One is the belt derailer. The other is the actual sewing machine. What the hell. It will still make a nice working table. Cheers Juan
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