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  1. Pfaff 335-G for sale comes with a handful of bobbins, needles, and binding set up (as well as the standard setup for normal sewing) and some extra feet. I can throw in a 1-1/4” folder for another $75 space saver table Family servo motor located in Nashville TN. Free local pickup email is best michael [at] loyalstricklin.com will ship at buyers expense. Most places are $300 freight. Venmo/cash/Paypal/cashiers check accepted (friends and family payment only with PayPal. Buyer covers any fees) I can take more photos or videos if anyone would like to see more. Haven’t used it much lately as this is a duplicate machine for us and we could use the space. Bought in 2017 from Zamir sew for $2500. It would see a few hours of sewing a week since then until a month ago. Great binding machine. Works as it should. For reference, I use this at my business www.loyalstricklin.com.
  2. You’ll probably have better luck selling them separately. Someone might want the machine but nothing else, and vice versa
  3. Both machines are off the market. the 2800b sold and I kept the 335 after all.
  4. I sent you pictures for A and L shoe repair machinery, from a different email. Let us know if you are interested.

  5. Please DM or email me photos. I’m in Nashville. Michael@loyalstricklin.com
  6. Weaver 4-ton clicker press for sale. 4 years old, but the parts that make it go up and down are maybe 1.5 years old. Will post photos in the morning. These are $1450 new. Asking 1,000 plus shipping. Shows some use, but it works as good as the day I bought it. Local pickup available in Nashville, TN.
  7. Please email me if you are interested. I check that more than anything. info@Loyalstricklin.com photos Here’s a video with the pfaff sewing (sped up) https://instagram.com/p/Bkh8VzJgy4r/ Nashville, TN For sale: Pfaff 335. Comes with swing down binder (cost $60) and extra slim presser feet (cost $50) and some extra needles $1900 plus shipping ($300-$350 from east coast to Texas. 450 or so to out west) Purchased new 9 months ago. I just use it to close bags. Maybe 50 hrs on it total. Techsew 2800B binding set up machine. I use this to bind the seams of all of our canvas and leather bags. Functionally the same machine as the pfaff 335. 1” tape binder included. For about $100 in parts you can convert this to a regular sewing machine just like the 335 or vice versa. Shipping costs are the same Both have servo motors. The pfaff has a space saver table. A flag table top can be bought for both as well from Uwe Grosse, so they can be 2-3 machines in one if needed. I’m upgrading to a durkopp adler if similar style, so I don’t need these machines anymore once it arrives. They sew and work as new and look brand new as well. Please DM if you’re interested or if you have any other questions. There is one person I’m waiting to hear back from on the techsew, but the pfaff has no one in line currently. Local pickup is available in Nashville, TN as well.
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