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  1. Yes, thank you. I need a 1" loop, so I messaged the buyer to see what size that is. I found one on Ohio bag's site but it was a 3.8" loop. They only called it a ring so not much help.
  2. Hi y'all, I would like to get some solid brass hardware similar to what is in the picture. The retailer that sells this item called it a "Reducing Loop - 1 inch to cordage (vertical twist)". When I search for any variation of those terms I come up with a blank. I can find 2 results, one in stainless and the other in black. Both are from the same retailer (strapworks). I ordered both and the black one would work OK, but I really would prefer solid brass for the key-holder I am making. If anybody knows of a place that sells these items, or has a proper name I can search for I would be much obliged. I need the larger oblong loop to be 1" wide. The circular loop doesn't really matter because a split ring will be going there. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. I bought some acrylics from Angelus, going to attempt to paint a project for my wife - Valentine's day is coming up! I will have to check out the Angelus dyes as well. They (angelusdirect.com) are about 15 miles from me so shipping was fast. Hopefully will be in San Antonio soon though! I had bought some of the pro dye from a user on reddit, along with some stamps and some other tools. Unfortunately it was all thrown in a ziplock bag and tossed in a box with no packing so when it got here there was just an empty bottle and a bunch of black tools. Rubbing alcohol and a brush got my tools squared away, but no dye to experiment with. I would like to get the coloring book by Stohlman, there are just too many books I want to get right now, have to pace myself. I hadn't heard of the Fiebings book so I will add it to my list. My mom was a reference librarian, so I am genetically predisposed to wanting to have a good bookcase full of reference books. I will be slowly adding books as my ability dictates/budget allows. Thanks again everybody for the help!
  4. I actually ordered a pack of 25 3.75" rounders from Springfield last night to use for practice and experimenting with dyes/acrylic/finishes. I had read on another thread here somebody said to do the same carving 5 times. Each time critique what you didn't like about the carving and work on improving those things in the next one. So I figure I can do that with 5 patterns and should start making some progress. I will take a look at the Leathercraft Tools book. I've never looked at it- just thought it listed what each tool is for, didn't know it had more than that. I figured I more or less know what the tools I have are for so it would just lead me down the pay of buying more stuff i probably don't need. If it has a lot of use and maintenance information then I will try and pick up a copy. As far as the Fiebings dyes, are all of their dyes good, or just the professional oil dyes? I am in California for the next couple months so I can't get the pro dyes here. Should I hold off on buying any dye until I make it to the great state of Texas (should be moving in 2-3 months)?
  5. Thank you for the help everybody. I think I will start with How to Carve Leather and check out the Lucky 7/8 and Tools books when I am in the store. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something that was accepted as better/best for a beginner learning to carve that I was unaware of.
  6. I just finished my first attempt at carving/tooling an oak leaf w/ acorn. It looks like utter crap. Naturally I am quite proud of it but would like a resource to help me improve. I would like to get one of the Stohlman books but I don't know what would be the best to start out with. If a book from a different author might be a better option feel free to recommend those. I am not artistic by nature so I think I would prefer the older Tandy/western style for the simpler designs. My goal is to carve a small item every night for knife practice and tool on the days I get home early enough to make noise. The books I was considering are: Stohlman How To Carve Leather Tech-Tips Figure Carving Book Pictorial Carving Book Peter Main Stohlman Step by Step If I could find a copy of Leather Secrets by F.O. Baird that I could afford I would get that. That doesn't seem likely. I have not looked at Western Floral Designs by Bob Park or Sheridan Style Carving by Bill Gardner because Sheridan style intimidates me and I feel like simpler designs will be better to learn with and improve my ability and confidence. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. I am a newbie, so don't have any solutions to offer you, but I would suggest to be careful with magnets. I had a magnetic money clip that I carried credit cards in. Drawing them out over the magnetic strip demagnetized them and I had to get new cards. With chips nowadays it probably isn't too big a problem, but I also had a parking garage ticket get messed up and had to argue my way out of paying the maximum fee when the ticket wouldn't scan.
  8. I don't have a pattern for you, but here are a few links I had saved when I was looking for the same: Shows an example with a sketch of what the pattern would look like for a medieval turned "boot" Instructions on how to make turn shoes More instructions on turn shoes Index from the first link with the boot. Has more detailed shoe info/examples but if I recall that was the only tall boot I never got around to it (had kids) but I was planning on using one of the turn shoe patterns to base the boot off of. Then just modify the pattern based on the sketch of the boot layout to get something taller than ankle shoes.
  9. The eyelet setter has been claimed by SouthernCross.
  10. Thank you again Dwight! I ended up ordering a 2/3 ounce belly from Springfield, I hadn't seen it at first glance. It was priced reasonably and I imagine it will do the job.
  11. Hello everybody. I didn't realize that I already had a 3/16" eyelet setter and accidentally bought a second one. Since I have no use for 2 of the same thing I am offering the spare to somebody that needs one. I will ship it for free to anybody in the United States. Sorry for anybody outside the U.S. I don't want to discriminate, but it would probably be cheaper to go buy one than pay the shipping charge anyway. I would just like to ask that this goes to somebody that actually needs it and will use it. If you won't use it or already have one please pass on this. Thank you to everybody who contributes here. I mostly lurk, but when I have had a question I always get help really quickly. This is a great community and I really appreciate having it available. First person to PM that they need this gets it. I will update the post as soon as I see that somebody has claimed it, but I do sleep/go to work so the response won't be immediate.
  12. Thank you for the help everybody. I was weaving in through the hole, around the cartridge and out the same hole. I just had a small scrap to practice with and it came out short. I wove the last little bit in and out to hold it in place. I had read a few threads on here about slip cartridge belts, and bought the Will Ghormley pattern pack from Tandy. Funny there wasn't any information for cartridge belts in the pattern pack that wasn't already on leatherworker.net ! I may use his design for a money belt for a belt for myself though. Making the strips oversized and weaving them when wet was new to me, so thank you for that! I will use veg instead of the pigskin. I just had 1 more question about the leather I use. Springfield has some 2/3 ounce veg tooling calfskin that is pretty cheap. Would there be any difference in calfskin vs cowhide, other than the calf hide being much smaller physically? Or will the calf stretch more and end up with similar results as pigskin? I have limited funds and don't want to buy $150 of leather for a 4x6 cartridge carrier!
  13. I am working on making a cartridge carrier as a gift for my brother. The picture is of a mock-up/pattern I am making out of some scraps, I am planning on it holding 2 rows of 10 rounds and the second row unfolding when it opens up.. i was just wondering if 1-2oz pigskin would be a good material for the cartridge loops. The carrier is for .17hmr and I am having issues with heavier leather being thicker than the shell and it is bunching up some on the backside. I have never used pigskin, but it looks durable and cheap and those are 2 qualities that make it attractive. I just want to make sure it will hold up well and look OK with the body (which will be 4-6oz veg). I am not planning on lining the inside of the carrier, will this cause any problems other than not being as attractive? Thank you for any advice!
  14. Thank you, I used the edge beveler for the first time last night to complete my first project. Was nice to know that I saved it from being tossed out. I had no idea what the creaser was, just figured that out this morning looking at the CS Osborne website. I still haven't even looked at half of the patterns that I have. I need to figure out a way to preserve them. I am afraid the heat from lamination may destroy some of them so if anybody is an archivist and can help me with some ideas please let me know.
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