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  1. KWosnig

    Gluing wallet before double loop stitch

    I know this is an old post, but I use Elmers rubber cement from local store usually grocery or hardware carries it cheaply.
  2. KWosnig

    Adult Section Request

    Send a message to Johanna, the moderator for access. Apparently that section has grown since I was last on.
  3. KWosnig

    Adult Section Request

    Originally an ad selling a sex oriented leather business, if I remember correctly, began as a joke and grew. In the classified section.
  4. KWosnig

    Old tools from Italy

    Hi, go to youtube and look for rust removal using vinegar or molasses. Cheap method to de-rust steel or iron. Nice find, I have no idea what all they are, but good luck with them.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. I am not working with leather to make money. I work with leather because the activity is one that I enjoy performing. The little I know and use to make things only create more desire to learn more about this activity. I love to read about and view other folks works, but I really enjoy practicing to see if I can do something similar. Possibly creating something that is pleasing to my eye and with as few flaws as possible, even if I am the only one who notices those flaws.

    That is why I am here.

  9. KWosnig

    3' And 8' Kangaroo Hide Bullwhips

    Nice work!
  10. KWosnig

    Saddlebags (Nearly Finished)

    Very nice, something I can aspire to one day in the future. Like the design.
  11. KWosnig

    KK Tutorial

    Very nice design and good tutorial, Thank you!
  12. KWosnig

    Adult Section Request

    I believe this post was begun in response to someone posting about selling a shop devoted to leather articles for adults. This is a photo of a female torso I copied from the net some years ago, no idea who did it. It is of leather.