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  1. I have a new unused Catmpbell Randell Keystone splitter. I cannot post a photo here but if someone is interested, I will be glad to send photos to your cell phone. Asking $475 shipped.
  2. Due to a move, I am selling my Cobra Class 4 with all accessories, needles, and several spools of thread. This machine is about 3 years old but very low hours. I have never had any problems with it. The machine is located in Cleburne, Tx (20 miles southwest of Ft. Worth. I don't want to ship it but I would meet halfway up to 200 miles. Asking $2100.00
  3. please send it to me. sbarbour6309(at)gmail.com
  4. I sent you a PM, I would like to have a list of these tools.
  5. I use HDPE for cutting and have the same problems with marking the leather. I use an orbital sander to smooth it out every now and then. For punching holes, I use a hockey puck. Doesn't take up much room, no danger of going through the thin rubber pads and damaging an expensive punch, and you can buy them used on ebay super cheap.
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