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  1. Jason, Dwight's approach seems fine. But, I have used Plastic Wood in the past for such. You have to clean the bluegun before applying the PW. Once it dries, a little time with a file / Dremel dresses it up nicely. Fairly durable. Wouldn't use it with a hydraulic press, tho. Hand molding only. I am a hobbiest, and have enjoyed making a lot of "custom", one-off projects. I don't charge much for my work. However, I have learned that sometimes, it is best to say no. Firstly, you will irrevocably alter a $60 bluegun. And, may as well figure the cost of the bluegun and materials required to alter the bluegun. And your time customizing the dummy gun. Your work is exceptional. I am sure you won't be satisfied with less than stellar results. But, hey, if the guy owns a owns a vintage Armond Swenson, or Jim Hoag, or other such custom iron and is willing to handsomely pay for some finely crafted leather, I'd go for it. Good luck. Muzzleblast.
  2. Excellent job on the holster. I am also impressed with your home made boning tools. Well done. That set would cost at least $200 if they were store bought.
  3. OldNSlowMarine, Thanks for sharing the results of your experiments. I have been hand applying the acrylic with a 1" foam brush 5 - 6 coats, waiting for coats to get tacky between reapplication. Gives a nice finish but is really not time efficient. I'm going to give dip coating a try. To keep from making a large batch, I think I'll try out these containers. Tall, wide and deep enough for the largest pancake I make. I gal. capacity. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H8ZUV5O/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3MFA6X0A6DLFT&psc=1
  4. For years I used the 50/50 water to Mop & Glo recipe originally posted here. But, for a long tome I have not been able to find unscented Mop & Glo, only the citrus scent. I do not want my holsters smelling like lemons. LOL. Then I found an Armstrong acrylic floor product that worked really well. It seems they have stopped making it. I could go back to Resolene, but it is a lot more expensive than the other products, likely because it is marketed "for leather". Does anyone know of a "non-lemon" scented commercial acrylic product that is readily available for use sealing holsters? P.S. I could have posted in the Dyes, etc. sub-forum, but it seems the holster makers are up to speed on this subject.
  5. I will definitely give some feedback on the leather. They have it on sale at the moment. I don't know what normal price is. I ended up ordering a side of 5/6 and a side of 7/8. If it is good stuff, and hand cuts well, I will order several more sides and I will make sure to let folks here know. I am really sick and tired of "hard tempered" veg tan... that is best used for making harnesses and belts.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It looks like The Hide & Leather House carries European veg tan. I've ordered a side. https://www.hidehouse.com/Leather/European-Veg-Tan-Sides-Cow-Full-Grain-Aniline-Finish-E860-P.asp
  7. I enjoy making holsters as a hobby. My holsters generally aren't simple "pancakes", but involve hand cutting of multiple small pieces. I've used veg tan from several sources, including the domestic "big names" and south of the border tanneries. I recently got some 8 oz. domestic that is so "hard tempered" that I hate working with it. Yeah, great stuff for a production shop with a bunch of standard designs and a hydraulic clicker press and dies. Great for carving and stamping, too. I don't do either. I have realized that hard tempered veg tan is too hard to work with for hand cutting for me. I am going to turn my latest hide it into belts. A while back I picked up some European veg tan from Springfield. Beautiful stuff. It was A+ grade. It was a one-time special, and by the time I realized how good it was and tried to reorder more, it was sold out. Apparently European cattle have less exposure to the blazing sun and barbed wire, thorny bushes, and ticks than their U.S. relatives. LOL. The European veg tan (Swedish, I think it was) "cuts like butter." It was an absolute joy to work with. Of course, it comes at a premium cost. No matter, I want more... I would like to ask if the members here can share a reliable source for premium European veg tan. Thank you.
  8. Hi DonR. Thanks for the post and welcome. Can your laser cut 16 ounce leather? How do you handle the "smoke staining?"
  9. BHPShooter, Weaver has Schmetz S and LR in stock. I just ordered several packs size 23 - 26 a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Beautiful in design and execution. Your stitching is making me want to take a trip to Yokum, TX and visit with the Campbell Randall folks.
  11. Another vote for Texas Custom Dies. No vote for Weaver. I had a custom belt slot punch made by Weaver, over charged on the price versus the quote, and it arrived so dull it was useless. I moved my business to TCD and they are top quality.
  12. Multi Molds' focus clientele is the kydex holster maker market. Really, they offer little to the leather holstersmith compared to Rings, ASP, Duncan's or Bunkhouse Tools; especially considering their comparative cost. However, no one effectively addresses the market for revolver dummy guns. There is an opportunity...
  13. That is a very well crafted rig you produced. Your customer will definitely be showing it off to his friends. Betcha get more orders. Kudos and thanks for sharing.
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