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  1. I'm looking for the brass nails that you put at the end of your sewing on a sheath. The ones with a slightly round head and kinda of squareish not round. Can Anyone tell me what exactly they're called and where to buy them? Thank you Troy
  2. Hello Troy, 

    I may be in the ft worth area this weekend is it possible to view the Adler  ? 


    1. Troy Burch

      Troy Burch

      Sorry for such a late response. I didn't realize my notifications were turned off and I wasn't getting message alerts. If your still interested I've put it back up for sale. Thanks Troy

    2. Jarvi8


      Hi ,

      no worries , 

      How much are you asking for it ? 

  3. Hello Troy
    If the Adler 205 is still available I would like to buy it
    greetings Martin
    1. Troy Burch

      Troy Burch

      Sorry for the late response I just now seen this. If your still interested yes it's still for sale.

  4. Very good condition, has never skipped a stitch. $2,500 includes table, large double thread stand and bobbin winder. It wont let me up load other pics. more pics
  5. Ray South has lots of them for sell. look in the hand tools section.
  6. When your ready call them to place your order and ask them. They are happy to explain what, why, and how each one is used.
  7. Anyone have one? My friend wants a holster for his pistol and looking for someone with experence to make him a holster.
  8. I use them for backing on alot of my belts. The cowboys around here think it's cool to have the tick bites, scars and brand marks on them, of course I use grade B HO backs for the tooling side.
  9. I don't have a gallery to look at but here's a pic of one I've done. The skirts are 8" long, they're not exact replicas of any certain saddles just mini ones I can make with little time as possible. Kinda styled this one after the old time high back seats.
  10. lol, get some Go-Joe hand cleaner, or that stuff like it that's orange. It will take most of the stain off your hands, sometimes all of it.
  11. I don't have a clue what causing that but I use clear lac over fieblings antique all the time and never had a problem. Clear lac will cloud up if put on too heavy in humid weather but a second light coat after its dry will fix that.
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