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  1. Hello fellow leather crafters. My name is Firdaus Hilmy from Malaysia, so please excuse my poor English. I've been a member for nearly 2 years now but never post a topic before. I know there are few posts regarding to this topic but not quite answering my questions I'm about to ask. I want to make a long wallet like this Hermès MC2 Fleming wallet. The wallet slots are fully lined with leather. So, my question is what is the suitable thickness for each slots, the front and its lining? From your experience, what is the suitable leather for this wallet? Is goatskin suitable for this? Thank you in advance and sorry for asking too much questions. Really appreciate if you guys can help me with this.
  2. Firdaus Hilmy


    Hi tet and welcome! I'm a Malaysian too! I think you can buy groover and creaser and many other leather tools from www.megaleathershop.com They are located at Seri Kembangan if I'm not mistaken..
  3. If you refer to this video by Salvatore Ferragamo below, I think the handle for the briefcase they made lined with thick leather or some sort of rubber.. As for the watch strap, if you refer to the link below, the craftsman use leather for the lining. Link - http://www.watchesbysjx.com/2012/08/how-to-hand-making-watch-strap.html *sorry for my bad English
  4. It's always good to see all of your creations Mr. Huns.
  5. excellent job Hunio as always! I've been searching, tried, again and again and still failed on making the gusset. How did you make the gusset? looks like you make a little cut on both sides of the bottom of the gusset. any tips?
  6. 4 sqft of leather is not a problem! will visit your shop one day
  7. Yeay finally an online leather shop! May I know do you have MOQ? I really want to visit your shop BTW!
  8. nicely done Mr. Hunio! sorry for keep asking.. where did you buy all of your leathers? all of them are insanely gorgeous!
  9. May I know, what's the thickness of the leather used? And its firmness? I never make any bag, so I'm eager to know. your works are incredibly amazing btw!
  10. that's a cute bag! and, can't wait to see the finished Boston bag!!
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