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  1. I would like to “lift” some of my carving. I saw that there is a “pen – type” modeling tool for that (craftool 8039-05), and there are also stamps: undercut beveler / lifter (craftool 6892 and 6060). There are several videos that show how to use the undercut modeling tool but I don’t see the advantage against the stamps, since you can use the stamp as a pen but you can’t hit the modeling tool with a maul. The size of the two stamps are roughly the same as the two sides of the modeling tool and the price of the two stamps is slightly lower that the modeling tool. So, what am I missing? Thanks for your help !
  2. Nice work and very nice color ! Could you tell us which dye you used? Thanks :
  3. Thank you very much to all for all these informations !
  4. Hello and sorry for the beginer question. I have read a little about how to lace, the whip stitch, the running stitch ... I think i understand the theory but what i don't understand is which kind of holes must be used? Sometimes in the examples they are round, sometimes punched using thonging chisels that make "square" holes, sometimes parallel to the edge and sometimes with an angle ? Is there a rule of thumb for which kind of holes must be made for which kind of work? I have a few of small project in mind that require lacing. Beside the lace what should i buy? Lacing chisels (angled or not) or only a round drive punch? Thanks for your help
  5. Hello ! So far I have only used eco flo gel antique because it was easy. I would like now to try fiebing’s pro dye followed by fiebing’s antique finish. I read a lot of threads on the subject but some things are still not really clear for me and I hope you will help me to understand:: - How do I match the colors between the dye and the finish? Does the antique have to be of the same color than the dye (dark brown/ dark brown for instance) or does the antique has to be darker than the dye (light brown /dark brown)? - is it necessary to add another layer of resolene after the antique? - Is it possible to use antique finish on undyed natural carved veg-tanned lather (after resolene)? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello, Although i joined the forum 6 years ago i never posted anything here. Now is the time. I did some leather work 6 years ago when i began traditional archery (quiver, arm bands...). For several reasons i stoped after a few months but i'm back and trying to remember the few things i read a long time ago from Al Stohlman books and from this forum. Thank you to all for making this forum to be such a wealth of knowledge !
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