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  1. Entire Leather Workshop Must Go. If you live near South Florida (BROWARD COUNTY) and are looking to open or equip your shop, I've can save you thousands! I made beautiful watch straps for Panerai, Rolex, Omegas, etc. and sold them through my Etsy boutique for years, but every hobby must come to an end and this one has run its course for me. I was able to make 300-400 a week doing these straps at night, but it has taken a toll on my family life and now its got to stop. If you are looking to get into or have just gotten into leather work or making leather watch straps, and are looking to take it to the next level... this is the post for you. I have here: -Consew 206RB-5 Leather Sewing Machine (setup specifically for leather work -new table, -new servo motor, -new reducer pully system installed (sews nice and slow for those tight corners), -new rolling glide, -nice small width FLAT BOTTOM walking feet (perfect for leather work), -tons of bobbins.) -Solid Steel Manual Leather Press (for punching) -Solid Wood Stitch Pony (with leather cover) for hand saddle stitching your work -OLFA Cutting Pad -OLFA Rotary Blade and 6 extra new blades -Elfikta Leather Tool Grinder and Edge Smoother (motor powered) -A bunch of custom Plexiglass laser cut leather strap templates - 5 sets of custom made clicker dies for leather watch straps (mostly panerai sizes, 26mm straight, 26/24 taper, 26/22 taper, 24/22 taper, 24 straight.) Must be used with press (listed above) -Solid wood leather tool holder/organizer -Every leather tool imaginable! Just to name a few: Various hammers, leather roller, edge trimmer, edge groove maker, edge burner, Vergez Blanchard solid steel Scratch Compass, heated edge creaser, stitching chisels of different sizes, high quality rotary hole punch, edge paint roller, and much more! -Tons of thread colors, both for the machine stitch and for hand stitch available -Tons of products, high quality and expensive edge stains, water based adhesives, etc. -Also have tons of Horween leather and different exotic leathers to go through if you wish!! -I EVEN HAVE TONS OF GIFT BOXES FOR THE STRAPS, EMPTY READY TO SHIP!!! Contact me via email to make appointment to see: punchapp@gmail.com I I
  2. Up for sale is a Consew 206RB-5, less than 2 years old. Was used for stitching leather watch straps exclusively and was set up for that purpose. I bought it brand new from a local sewing shop. It has all the bells and whistles: -new table, -new servo motor, -new reducer pully system installed (sews nice and slow for those tight corners), -new rolling glide, -nice small width FLAT BOTTOM walking feet (perfect for leather work), -tons of bobbins. Machine was always lubricated properly. Hasn't seen much use for a machine that is built to be abused by sweatshops. Will come with tons of leather sized sewing needles and tons of different color #138 thread. Local pick up only at this point. Ludicrously fair price: $900 USD. Please contact me directly for quicker responses: punchapp@gmail.com (please also note my entire leather workshop is for sale, everything must go. msg me if your local and looking to set up your own shop! I've got it all set up to make beautiful watch straps, as I made Panerai watch strap for about three years until I grew tired of my hobby.) I
  3. Hello Fellow Leatherworkers, I'm looking for a machine for stitching my leather watch straps and my budget is pretty small. About $1,000. I'm looking for preferably a flatbed machine as I already have a table and servo motor, but the machine I currently stitch on can't handle larger thread. Any direction or help would be highly appreciated. I love the Consew 206RB but it appears that machine just can't handle anything more than #138 thread. I know all about the 441 clones out there, the cowboy and cobras and unfortunately I just can't muster enough funds to splurge on one of those yet. Any suggestions of machines to look for (used obviously) or new developments in this market?
  4. It is for sure. Really wish I had the funds, but the tax man was not kind to me this year....
  5. Really want one for myself but can't afford one yet. Came across this great deal on ebay. Half the price of a new one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/clicker-press-/321383342862?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ad3f0a30e
  6. arocco

    Moore & Giles

    I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just happen to have an account. I know my post count is low and so my opinion might seem suspect. I have a leather businesses making watch straps, wallets, etc. Their collection does consist of over a hundred of swatches. More than half of it I wouldn't pay their prices for and is too thin for me anyway, but they do have some leathers that I believe are worth the prices. Couple of high quality pieces that they have that I've yet to have found elsewhere: https://www.mooreandgiles.com/leather/shop/ragtime/ https://www.mooreandgiles.com/leather/shop/veneer/ https://www.mooreandgiles.com/leather/shop/seville/ If you know of somewhere where they tan leather like these, please do tell.
  7. arocco

    Moore & Giles

    I can get leather from Moore & Giles and have many of their samples. Their leather is some of the best quality I've come across, by far. Horween quality and beyond. But their prices are not starting at $5 a sqft. I think the poster above maybe misunderstood speaking with the rep or something cause all of their products are in the $16-20+ / sqft. This stuff is not anything like what you will find in Tandy or Springfeild. It is what the major bag makers and furniture makers use on their products that cost thousands. Let me put it this way, their leather sells a product. It is that good. Anyway, unfortunately they only sell by the whole hide (50+ sqft), but if enough people are interested I would be happy to facilitate a group buy. I'm sure I can find a hide that a lot of people would be interested in using for their projects. I'll start another thread with the group buy poll and see if any biters.
  8. My method to burnish chromexcel is to sand the edge smooth (150, 200, then 300 grit). Then I dye the edges (if your dying the pieces). I use water based aniline dye. Once that is dry I wet the edges and then hit it with canvas covered in beeswax. Hard and fast. Dremel tool may make this faster, but I haven't tried yet. When done, the edges will feel velvet smooth at this point. Then I hit with gum tragancanth and wood burnisher. Getting close to silky smooth at this point. Then I take a wood burner and quickly rub it down the edges, using the heat to kinda "seal" them. It also helps hold the fibers together. Then I apply Finice Edge Gloss. Usually three very thin coats. I prefer this method as there is no paint to flake or rub off. I use this method of my belts and straps and wallets, works very well but is a lot of work. Chromexcel is not an easy leather to work with but the finished product comes out very nice indeed.
  9. Great will try out these two as well. Any other companies? I've also tried "The Leather Guy" in minnesota as they have a good website but was unimpressed with their leather quality.
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