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  1. hbound201

    Leather stitcher for hand sewing

    That is part of the problem. He tends to get the chisels off perpendicular when doing it by hand so the backside isnt straight.
  2. hbound201

    Leather stitcher for hand sewing

    Usually 1/4 or so total thickness. 2 layers of 7-8oz leather.
  3. hbound201

    Leather stitcher for hand sewing

    Didnt think about that. Thanks very much.
  4. I've got an uncle who wants to hand sew but due to age he has trouble with a needle and awl. I've thought about the Chinese stitcher on ebay to poke holes and sew by hand. The tippman is nice but at that price he could just get a sewing machine and he doesnt want to.
  5. hbound201

    Considering a sewing machine

    It sounds like the 45k would suit my needs. I do see those from time to time pop up for 400-600 bucks "working". I do lean towards a motor driven one to save time but space savings of a manual is nice as well and its portability also. Is portability and the added thickness the advantage of the Boss and new outlaw over the older treadle models? I do like the cowboy 3200 but 1800 is more than I'd care to sink into a new one. Again I'm in the early stages of this as we are moving but I'm thinking about my new workshop and what I'd like to upgrade and what I'd like to get rid of.
  6. I do more blacksmithing work but I'd like to make leather items to go with the tools I make. Wood chisels, knife sheaths are two examples. I'm hand stitching now but I'm considering a sewing machine to save time. I see old winger 29k and 45k from time to time in my area for 350-600. Used walking foots run around 1k depending upon model but quickly go up in cost. I'm tempted by a manual machine like the two singers I mentioned and I consider the tippmann and the new cowboy but their price point puts them into electric category for me. I'm interested in are manual machines new or old any good and why would you get new over old save for warranty and being new. Any other advantages newer has over the older singers. For my other question any advice on manual vs electric?
  7. hbound201

    Question About Cutters

    Wow thanks for the information about the knives and other items. Great information I'll likely just go ahead and get those items. Looking forward to doing some leather work. Too cold to go outside right now so I can stay in and get some work done.
  8. hbound201

    Question About Cutters

    Yes I meant to cut leather sorry. I've always wanted to get into leather working but lack if background and too many other hobbies has kept me out of the fray this far. I must say I can't wait to get started.
  9. hbound201

    Question About Cutters

    I've never done leather work in my life so this is all new to me. I do a lot of blacksmith work and some of my work, mostly knives and chisels, people have requested sheaths for. I've ordered the hand stitching guide book and will order some basic tools later. One question I had is the cutters. What type of cutter would work well for knife sheaths and wallets?