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  1. I love all the replies! Inkscape is my new best friend for compiling patterns with brands and such. I still draw out my patterns and I have jimmied up a pencil to feel like a knife and I trace my patterns a few times to get the feel of the pattern before I actually start carving and it helps a ton! It really does just come with practice and miles on your knife and pencil! -H
  2. You guys are so awesome! Im good at my construction and allowing for the curvature of lines, I just have a VERY VERY hard time with scrolls. Drawing, carving and beveling....the whole shebang. My flowers are decent, I just have a hard time getting started and piecing things together. I know what I want it to look like...if I could just get it out of my brain and onto paper! I am absolutely ordering your book Jim! Books and illustrations help so so much. I am just a t the point I want to create my own patterns instead of tracing them!
  3. Okay you seasoned leather workers I need some help! I am a newer worker and just have been tracing patterns, but I am ready to start drawing my own but let me tell you, I am having a heck of a time! I need some tips and tricks to help me. I understand the general idea, but I have such a hard time making everything flow together. I would love a computer program, but would love to see books or illustrations and hear what everyone has to say! Thanks! Hannah
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