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  1. weldwood here too, goes on smooth and no lumps. and the edges stay solidly stuck...........
  2. Looks like the real thing, from back in the day, to me! thanks for posting.
  3. My attempt at a holster for hip or chest use. Carries nice both ways.
  4. Hi ruffwerkz , Thanks for the info. How do you separate the base from the head? It would make it a little lighter, I think to pack in the old suv and drive 2300 miles and take out and setup again. Could this work? or just to much monkey business to do. i'm also looking to get a binder attachment, please update this thread when you do get one. george
  5. Thanks Wizcrafts, I wasn't knocking Sailrite ha , I was impressed that it was portable and that I could sew sunbrella / canvas with 92, light strapping wit 138, and heaver material or strapping / leather with 207 . It looks like it would do everything I now do by hand but, a lot faster and more accurately . I like the fact that it could be 110v (at home) or 12v when I'm in the desert areas during the winter months. george
  6. I think this machine is just about perfect, for the person on the go. Is there anyone that has one? Maybe someone has more info. It looks better than a Sailright for leather & at $1,295.00 it seems to be a good price. 335 B BT Transportable$1295.00 Theartisan® s-335B BT is a newly introduced model. The machine is designed as a table top, transportable stitching machine. The complete machine is portable and designed to place on top of a workshop bench, a kitchen table or at a trade show, rodeo, or out in the boonies. It can even be plugged into the 12-volt system in your truck using an inverter or just about any 12 volt battery. The triple feed, walking foot, cylinder bed machine is designed for sewers to assemble or do repairing of all types of leather, canvas and webbing products. The 335 B series, big Bobbin machine is ideal for making bags, purses, chaps, chinks, holsters, knife sheaths, belts, watch bands, cell phone cases, day planners, book jackets and all manner of products made of leather or upholstery type fabrics. Some features of the new machine is that one can sew as thin as a couple of sheets of paper up to almost a 1⁄2 inch of leather or fabrics using light weight threads from size 33 up to very heavy thread, size 207. A flat bed work platform is easily added to convert the cylinder bed into a flat working surface. artisan® uses the industry's most powerful 5.3 Nm torque, 1.1 hp Electronic Servo Motor producing 880 watts of power. Theartisan® ACF-680 motor system is extremely powerful and completely speed controllable. You can run the machine and stitch slowly, stitch by stitch and variable up to a fast 1800 rpm. The machine is well made up to the highest standards with interchangeable parts and will perform for generations. Recommended SCHMETZ brand Needle. Fabrics: 135 x 17 Size(14 to 23). Leather: 135 x 16 TRI Size(14 to 23) Optional BT Work Platform available.$125.00
  7. Beautiful , absolutely Beautiful work !!!!! nothing more to say on this matter. Yes I have more to say "ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL WORK" THANKS FOR SHOWING!
  8. pool noodle, just cut it to whatever size and thickness you need.....
  9. GPG

    Cowboy 227R

    I travel to Wi for 1/2 of the year and to Az for the other 1/2. I like the 227r and think it will do everything I want to do. I'm just wondering if these type of machine's travel well? I drive an suv that has the room , if I break the unit down. Thank for your time in this matter, george
  10. Yes, 25b that's what I was looking for. I have been making bags with that type of connection for over a year.. my problem is I don't know what to call it...........thanks for your time geo
  11. what is the system of connecting leather called: where you punch holes in 2 pieces of leather, cut between holes on one piece and push the t shapes thru the holes on other piece? thanks for your help.. geo
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