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  1. The P245 is a shortened version of the P220. Gun Barrel Length Total Length P220 112 mm 198 mm P245 99 mm 185 mm
  2. Nice looking holster. I don't understand why you think you need all those T-nuts. The stitching should hold it together just fine. (You would stitch closer to the barrel without those nuts.) You made an extremely thick belt loop - I think it could be a lot thinner - and maybe because it's so thick, it's rounded at the end. A thinner version would allow you to make a "box" or rectangle shape that would fit the belt without wanting to turn. Spend more time on the edges if you really want to make it look "pro". Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but this is the place for constructive comments. I hate when everybody just replies, "Nice".
  3. Dustin Rhodes makes some pretty impressive knives. I have a couple from Don Halter (another FIF winner) that are pretty outstanding as well.
  4. Frustration - we should start a thread on that. The number of times we worked really hard - only to discover we did it backwards. The number of times we splashed dye somewhere we didn't want it to go. The stitch that went sideways. It happens.
  5. If you used an awl to make the holes, and you did the stitching right, 2 back stitches should be just fine. The only reason I say that is I've seen people drill out the holes and then there's not much leather to close back up tight on the stitches.
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