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  1. You can buy a small, cheap room heating fan for less than $15 bucks on Amazon. Stick it in a box with a couple of holes punched in and you've got a drying box. GAIATOP Space Heater
  2. I posted those links 14 years ago! Late?? I'd say! Chuck Burrows passed away in 2016 and I suspect most of his postings have faded from the 'net. The pattern for the ammobelt was picked up by another leatherworker link: ammobelt
  3. Beautiful job on the historical recreation! That has the look of a holster that would get a lot of use out on a ranch, and it looks like it would hold up well.
  4. Nice job on all of those projects you posted! Please keep posting! I especially liked the way you took care of the optic on that revolver!
  5. You did a great job of copying the original sheath, and that's what the customer wanted. Personally, I hate rivets on sheathes for all the reasons others have cited. Plus they're just not necessary if you do a decent job sewing. That's not relevant here because you were duplicating another sheath, and again you did a good job of making that work.
  6. I've got some of those Old Hickory knives I bought at a garage sale for a couple of bucks. Had to redo the handles and sharpen them, but they're not bad knives. I like the sheath. Looks good and goes well with the knife.
  7. Beautiful knife and sheath! Thanks for posting.
  8. I'm glad someone posted to this rather old thread so that we could see the scabbards again. Very nice!
  9. Looks like pretty solid holsters. I agree with PastorBob's comments. The basketweave looks good but it needs that contrasting edge to "pop" out.
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