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  1. I'm sure the owner will be very proud to have that rifle case. Nice job!
  2. Let's start out with a question: What do you hope to accomplish? Do you just want to cover the head to prevent the edge from cutting something while not in use? (Presuming that you sharpen it.) Do you want to hang it from a belt, or on a hook? That will require adding a loop to the cover. Maybe a pocket for a small stone to re-sharpen in the field? Ax covers are the one application where I'm ok with using rivets instead of stitching.
  3. All things considered, it's very good for a first holster. You rounded the edges very nicely, which rookies usually skip doing. I hope you keep posting as you make more holsters and sheathes.
  4. Nice rig! Easy to see that it would be pretty comfortable, and you did a real nice job of construction. Thanks for posting!
  5. I'd like to post a unique and different comment, but I'm afraid that I just agree with everyone else. Really, really nice job. Looks fantastic.
  6. Usually this sort of post is about how the maker suddenly realized it was backwards (left handed instead of right handed, for example), or the customer says, "Oh, G3? I meant to say P365." Stuff happens. I was cleaning something out the other day and ran across a couple of mine that made that special "bin of shame".
  7. Nice looking holster and good workmanship. Not fond of having the trigger guard open like that. Snags worry me.
  8. A short piece of advice for anyone stuck in this kind of situation. This advice was given to me years ago and I've found it to be true. A customer will nearly always accept a piece that is late, but will never accept a piece that is wrong or incomplete. If you're in a situation where you don't have time to finish, contact the customer, apologize profusely, and COMMUNICATE that you have to take some time to make sure it's right. One of the worst problems I've had with vendors has been an unwillingness to man-up and tell the truth. If something is late, they will pretend not to get emails, or they won't answer the phone, or they'll have someone lie and say that they're unavailable. I even had to chew out a dear friend who made a knife that I wanted for a neighbor. He was embarrassed and kept ducking me. I told him in the future just talk to me; give me a new estimated date. I may be unhappy, but I won't be angry.
  9. Really nice looking holster and mag holder. Beautiful work all around.
  10. The Thunderer was an interesting pistol. Surprisingly comfortable in the hand, but it has a reputation for spending a lot of time at the gunsmith. Lots of little parts that can break. The holster design is just about perfect for that pistol and you did a nice job. I'm not crazy about the rivets instead of stitching, but I kinda have a thing about rivets.
  11. You did a nice job on a very solid and practical sheath.
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