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  1. If you used an awl to make the holes, and you did the stitching right, 2 back stitches should be just fine. The only reason I say that is I've seen people drill out the holes and then there's not much leather to close back up tight on the stitches.
  2. Really nice job! Looks like a very solid holster that will perform as well as look pretty.
  3. I'm not a fan of rivets. They have their place - esp. for decoration - but proper stitching will hold as good as anything and you don't risk corrosion or scratching something. I've seen so many sheaths and holsters where the maker did a good job but then decided to add rivets to make it look strong and instead just made it look cheap. You used to see kid's cap gun holsters with rivets like that. You made a pretty nice looking and solid sheath. Take a bow and move on to the next one.
  4. It is different! Nice work on the graphic. I don't know that I'd want to wear it, but I like when people get out of the comfort zone and start experimenting. Cool things appear in that environment.
  5. When you have an unusual shape for a pistol, it follows that the holster will be different as well. Looks to me like you made a nice looking holster that will function to meet your needs. Thumbs up!
  6. Nice holster. Your photographic skills tho....... ;(
  7. Our litigious society has people so scared that it's a wonder that anyone gets out of bed in the morning. You see the same kind of thing on gun forums: "If you shoot a robber with a reload, you'll go to prison forever! - or - you'll be sued by the robber - or - both bad things will happen and then Armageddon!" If you have ANY kind of business, you have to be careful and make sure things are structured and insured. It never hurts to be prepared. On the other hand, how many holsters "fail". You'd pretty much have to design one that dropped the gun or snagged the trigger or something stupid in order for that to happen.
  8. Really like that "Rhodesian"! I'm sure your father will be proud to own that.
  9. Really nice - super clean (as others have pointed out). Beautiful work. I'm not crazy about the buckle on the holster. Somehow it looks out of place. A small comment, don't take it too seriously.
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