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  1. Thank you. I decided to go with younger futhark short twig on instead of elder. I love elder but had decided that younger futhark better fit my interest.
  2. Maybe... I have tried using sewing machines before, but I like sewing by hand better. For me I feel the strength is better, also some of the extreme shapes in this jacket makes it almost impossible for a machine. As far as clothes go I have only made frontier boots and a vest. One day I might go to a machine but for now I will stick to using my hands.
  3. I stripped down an old ACU blouse that was issued to me in the army, no pattern for the hood and yes the lining is 100% wool it is black.
  4. In a bind! Trying to make something unique and falling short!

    1. MicahP


      Look at an artist site called DeviantArt...tons and tons of inspiration there...of every kind of art and medium.

    2. Alan Tesla

      Alan Tesla

      I have been a member for a couple of years, thanks for the recommendation though it is an amazing site.

  5. If I may make a suggestion. Find a article of clothing that fits you well and just break it down and use that as a jumping off point for whatever you decide to make.
  6. Thank you for noticing. I went with short twig younger futhark on the carvings. Sorry to here about your loss. My wife helped out so that relieved some of the stress.
  7. I really like the sheath everything is well done! I will agree that the stitches are close to the edge but for a first it is very well done. If I remember my Al Stohlman correctly on stitching, then the height of the leather combined is usually the distance from the edge you go.
  8. Yeah, I have figure tips of iron now. Thank you for the comment Thank you
  9. It took a total of 85 to 90 hours if I had to guess.
  10. Here Are a few close ups of the trim and carvings
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