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  1. We do have this template. CC slots and folder sleeve. Inbuilt pen holder and closure system http://www.wickedleather.com.au/product/travel-journal-template/
  2. Jim... sorry for that.. having issues with International shipping options on the website.. Send me an email sales@wickedleather.com.au cheers Frans
  3. Hello Chain.. I don't have any instructions yet. Am in the planning stages of making a Video Series to accompany the templates. I do have pre cut leather kits available.​
  4. Hey Krominix.. Sorry for the slow reply to your question. Been away. I can make templates to any design you have. Prefer CAD files if possible or I can work off sketches etc. Please message me through here. Cheers Hi OldNslow. Thanks for your interest. At the moment I don't have any plans for Holsters but if there is a particular one you have in mind I can produce for you There are many suppliers of Holster Patterns available. If you have purchased a pattern you are allowed to have a pattern cut for your own use without infringing copyright. In this situation your are contracting us to cut a template to your specifications. cheers Frans
  5. yes on my King Cobra... no way I'd attempt it by hand
  6. Here is a recent Toe Bag made from 2mm premium Italian Veg Tanned Leather. Was a challenge as this leather is quite stiiff and the bag needs to be turned inside out etc...
  7. Dirkba. I know a guy that will most probably make a whole set of plans that you can print off and attached to a backing for full size templates.. He will work out all the construction details.. Cost approx. US$70 He has provided me with excellent patterns before. Message me if you want his details.
  8. NRK. The exterior leather doesn't have a brand name but the quality equals anything else I have seen. I specifically didn't use the same Horween on the exterior becase I felt it was too soft and want an exterior that would hold it shape better.
  9. Guys, After many requests I have started making available Laser Cut templates for some of my designs. Here are templates for our Biker Wallets accurately designed in CAD and Laser Cut from 2mm Acrylic. You can view more at our website www.wickedleather.com.au We will be releasing more templates when available plus a video instruction series to accompany the templates. We also provide a CAD design service if you have a project in mind and laser cut your design. With the higher US$ makes it more affordable. Visit our website at http://www.wickedleather.com.au/product-category/wallet-templates/
  10. Guys been awhile since I posted Here are two biker wallets that I designed and have been selling. Both are 7inch. Italian 2mm Veg Tanned outer and 2mm Horween interiors. These are seriously heavy duty wallets that won't wear out. Each has slots that can hold 9 cards plus a zippered coin pouch plus 2 Note compartments. I have also just started making available Laser Cut Template Kits for each wallet. You can purchase the templates from my website http://www.wickedleather.com.au/product-category/wallet-templates/ Note: for the US people, prices shown are way less in $US...
  11. I use a very thick piece of hard veg tanned leather as a backing piece for punches etc on top of my bench.. works a treat and will not damage your tool edges.
  12. Hey guys. Can anyone give me details of a wholesale supplier of Bison leather in the US other than the 'Buffalo Leather Store'. Wanting to purchase at least 10 hides. cheers
  13. The pricing here in Australia can be partly explained by the following costings as an example.. Unit sells for US$2,600 in the US. The Aust dealer would probaly purchase wholesale at say US$2,000. for the example we will use this as base cost. US$2,000 = A$2,298 (.87 exchange) Add shipping approx $500.... (If they did a full container that would only be around A$150) sub total A$2,798 add GST and duty A$560 approx Dealer landed cost = A$3,358. + dealer markup say 40% = Retail $4,701.00 Thats how it works.. Maybe you should look at importing a machine directly from China.. Have a look on Alibaba.com For example here is a cyclinder bed machine for US$800. You should land this here for around A$1,500. http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/GA441-leather-sewing-machine_1402839100.html If you have a good look at Alibaba you will find the exact machine as the well known brands. The chinese will sell to anyone.. cheers
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