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  1. I was thinking abut magnetic clasp. I think it could be not strong enough. Do't you think so? What diameter will do?
  2. Any ideas how this edge is made? I do not mean colors (probably mulitilayer of diyed leather). I mean "clear lack finish"
  3. Thanks. I started with molding over my leatherman Wave. It was small but quite easy to do. Then I found some plywood pieces, jigsaw and a sanding machine. One hour and ready. Very important thing: On first try I realized small black dots all around molded leather. Be very carefull with soaked leather and metal tools like carpenters clamps - metal thread throw small mites around when you turn the handle. Put some grease to avoid it.
  4. Yes, you are wright. This is my fault. I just start with small projects to avoid waisting leather and it is hard to find small pattern. Thanks
  5. Thanks, You right about softens problem bit as this is 9oz leather I hope it will be stiff for a long period. Back is one layher same thickness as front.
  6. Made of 9oz veg tanned. As this is my third leather item need some advice. Critique also welcomed. All tools for this item
  7. Hi, My name is Jarek, I live in Poland. I started two weeks ago and want to show my first try. I ask for a critique.
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