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  1. darkmatter35

    Getting into gators

    Take a look at ( American Tanning & Leather).
  2. darkmatter35


    Uhyuy wT5/# , and I
  3. darkmatter35

    Knife sheath

    Try going to a knife show in your area. There are usually knife makers that need someone to make their sheaths. John
  4. darkmatter35

    Any way to pull dye OUT of leather?

    I use an air brush with a .5mm needle which is not as finicky about the paint consistency as a gun with a smaller tip needle. I do not thin Pro Oil Dye. Make sure you run the dye through a filter to remove any large chunks in the dye bottle. That's all that's to it. John
  5. darkmatter35

    Any way to pull dye OUT of leather?

    If you plan on doing this for a while try airbrushing the Fiebings oil dye. I've had nice results. John
  6. darkmatter35

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    Not sure about the Buckle Guy snaps, Click the contact tab on romefastener.
  7. darkmatter35

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    try https://www.romefast.com/Snap-Fasteners.asp
  8. Barry King sells Wyo sheen Springfield is vary helpful if you call them John
  9. "Shop Talk" magazine, its a Leather Retailers and manufactures journal. Lots of great articles and how to features. Published monthly. John
  10. darkmatter35

    Round knife

    If the time comes that you need to sell a professional quality knife, should be able to recoup a good portion of what you paid for it and it will be a quick sale. John
  11. darkmatter35

    hand sewing ostrich leg

    Finished my sheath and posted it in the Critique section John
  12. darkmatter35

    Types of wallet leather?

    Also ask Hide House for their catalog, has their hole line of leathers in it.
  13. darkmatter35

    hand sewing ostrich leg

    Ok, will do. Putting the belt loop on tonight and sewing lining. I do a little at a time after work so it will be a few days before complete.
  14. darkmatter35

    hand sewing ostrich leg

    You are spot on with the advice you gave me, I ran the stitching wheel without the groove and I can see the marks just fine. If this sheath comes out ok I will post a picture of it. Thanks again, John
  15. darkmatter35

    hand sewing ostrich leg

    Thanks for the advice, you did a nice job on your sheath, your edges are sure smooth. Do you think a lacing chisel would work better than the stitching wheel? I was thinking about purchasing one. Take care,John