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  1. here is what mine looks like its a consew 225 would it be the two little screws nearest to the bobbin kinda in the middle of the picture shown here when I pull on the threads the top thread seems a whole lot tighter then bottom should they feel like they have he same tension when pulling back to the left tried tighten the top thread a half a turn now it seems its so tight its pulling my needle to the left and causing the needle to jam up
  2. yes sir I have read it or at least I read that manual. There are so many screws in there I wasn't sure what they were talking about and near the center of the spring if your looking at the picture of the bobbin on pg 3 I see no spring but I will try to adjusting that little screw that holds the piece of steel that the thread goes thru. thanks for your help txag
  3. thank you both txag and piedmont im about 99% sure that I have it threaded right thanks to youtube :-) the problem im having is that if I do have a bobbin tension problem I cant find where to adjust it at. in the manual it says by the screw near the center spring at the outside of the bobbin case can anyone help me out with this?
  4. how did you like that book(Al Stohlman's book "Belts Galore) I just ordered it from tandy??
  5. so if my machine is showing knots on the bottom side I need more top tension?
  6. Joey you lost me on this one lol I know the reducer I have works well but now that I change my needle and thread to a 22/138 now I'm having trouble with my bobbin thread I can't get it to pull up thru the bottom I might have my needle in wrong I'll play around with it some more tonight
  7. 1/8 steel flat not angled Tandy swivel knife! Caseing I fill a small bowl of water with a drop of dawn soap dip it in for just a min take it out let it dry just a bit bag it for 8-10 hrs. Then take it out let it dry out for about 10-15 min till it starts turning lighter then trace then cut it then bevel What would be a good blade for me to get? Thanks for y'all's help! J&k
  8. seems I'm having trouble keeping my blade sharp I make two cuts and It starts pulling and cutting bad I stropp it and its good for two or three more cuts then I'm back to stropping it.. am I doing something wrong? thanks J&K
  9. thanks pumpman and kings im really excited to get into this just wish there was more hours in the day so I can practice more and more but working 7-5:30 m-f 7-12 on sat and taking care of 20 mama cow keeps me a little busy :-/
  10. o yah it slowed it way down!!! and that's what I need just starting out lol lol she dont know yet she will find out when she trys to wash them tonight lmbo
  11. here it is 1.5in on the 3400rpm motor to a 10in with a 1.5 headed to the machine total cost 48.00 maybe I should have just bought a servo motor but whats the fun in that lol still might up grade one day hope the pics upload first time trying to upload
  12. txag if you get something going me and my wife would try to make it!
  13. looks really great Im just getting started myself I hope that a month in im doing as well as you are. I'm having trouble with the carving doing my 3rd coaster tonight and its getting a little better but I still needs lots of practice!!!
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