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  1. Been a long time since I've posted... I've been busy, but I've managed to get some time lately to make a few things... this is my first real attempt at hand stitching... really trying to do it right and pay attention. Most items I've made have been sewn on my old industrial Singer or on my Tippman... I've recently learned that hand stitching is actually fun. I've been a wood turner for years and I've always explained to people that there is something "zen" in turning wood... I recently discovered that hand stitching evokes a similar feeling.
  2. Would be proud to have those on my desk... I might offer one suggestion, on bullet 2 of the sales description, change "vegetable leather" to "vegetable tanned leather".... or folks might think they're getting "pleathor"
  3. YinTx... those are all amazing! and like you mentioned, I tend to spend more time "looking than doing", but you have motivated me to get out to the shop and get some more tooling practice. I would be proud to have my bible in any of those covers.
  4. Moto.... I have been a wood turner for years and have cut and prepped a LOT of wood, of a lot of varieties, for turning. I've also prepped and used several really large stumps for anvils for my other hobby, blacksmithing. A lot of good advice here and I'll add my two cents worth. For your purposes, definitely get the bark off...you can paint or urethane the ends if you want, it will just slow the checking, but it's going to check (crack) regardless... banding it at the top and bottom with something you can increase pressure on as it dries will be one of the biggest benefits... and if you get some steel bands made up for that purpose, you can add loops to them for holding mallets and other tools . Jim was dead on with the drying times... I usually turn green wood to about an 1" thick and let it set in shavings and a brown paper bag for a year before removing and finish turning... it's held solid for about every species I've turned... so given that, debark, seal the ends (or not), and band it tightly and start using it...
  5. WRLC - I really like the concept of the "inside out" wallet, that's slick! Agata - did you see this post: It's an excellent starter billfold pattern. I've made several, very easy and quick to make.
  6. Welcome sir... I'm just down the road from you in Okmulgee
  7. Ordie - What carrier? I was deployed on CV-62, USS Independence from '83 to '87....
  8. That's what I suspected, just confirming... great work - I haven't tackled a bag of that complexity yet... several messenger style bags and smaller stuff... but I'm working up to it
  9. Awesome work for first projects... you don't start small!... question though, what is the handle on the front of the briefcase bag for?
  10. I like it. Which "Battlefield" are you playing? Lost way to many hours of my life playing BFBC2 and Battlefield 3... didn't continue on to 4 though... Currently addicted to Overwatch
  11. LOL... yeah, I look at work like this and am truly amazed and realize that I need to find another hobby The carving was amazing and finished, it's really over the top. Great job and beautiful work.
  12. I posted a picture a while back with some leather recovered from some old leather coats. This cover for the "Lunacy" edition of Field Notes was made from two of those coats. The change/card pouches were too.
  13. Love it!!! That looks like it was too much fun to put together. That's thinking way outside the box!
  14. That is awesome... I always loved it when my girls would come out to the shop and join in on whatever I was working on. My oldest daughter still comes over and bangs on metal with me and my youngest went to school and got her construction technologies certification and degree... so I guess it paid off
  15. Bob... I'd be proud to carry my darts in that... looks great. Whether you've been doing this for a week or for 20 years, there IS always room for improvement, the trick is to recognize that and strive to make those improvements every time you craft something.
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