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  1. Looking to make a personal bag for myself, and would like to attempt a briefcase style bag like this. Wanting this exact style or something like it.
  2. I am looking to make my first bag, and I am wanting to make a sort of Filson style leather briefcase. Anyone have any idea where to get a pattern for something like this, or how to pattern one?
  3. Selling my Pfaff 145 sewing machine with speed reducer. Works great. $800 cash only. Located in Portland, OR. Local pickup only.
  4. Selling my long wallet die set. Dies made by Texas Custom Dies. $250 OBO Link to photos: Photos
  5. I have tried gum trag a long time ago. I liked the results, but the application is where it got me. Basically I would apply it with a wool dauber, and if it dripped on the natural veg tan, it would just discolor it. I understand that it is also a learned skill of application to get just the right amount so Im not faulting the dauber
  6. Currently on my belts, I add natural atom wax liquid to the edges (natural veg-tan straps), and proceed to burnish with my pro edge cocobolo burnisher. This is in my drill press. I have noticed darker spots on the edges, and the burnish is not a consistent caramel color throughout. I am looking for a fast way to burnish, as I do production runs so a hand held wooden edge slicker is out of the question. Is there another liquid I could use? Machine? Technique? I am wanting to do them as fast as possible, however with good looking fast results. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the replies y'all! I am not looking for the shackle or the fish hook. I've gotten those from buckle guy. What I am specifically looking for is the brass "sleeve" closure.
  8. I've been looking all over for this brass closure hardware and can't seem to find it. It is the closure that is pictured on the wallet lanyard.
  9. Hey y'all, I have a Cobra class 4 that I was using a size #24 needle and 207 thread, and I recently switched over to #22 needle and 138 thread. Ever since I made the switch, I am getting shredded thread, skipped stitches, knotting, bad tension etc. I have re-threaded the machine, checked needle position, put in a new needle, etc. Very frustrating, and I am hoping theres not some timing issue or something big thats going to be costly to fix. Any suggestions appreciated!
  10. So right now my belts are sized to order, however I would like to offer actual sizing. That being said, obviously your pant size is not the size of the belt. I measure my belts from the tip of the buckle, to the hole the customer currently uses. Is there some guide in inches to show the length from buckle to middle hole in "pants sizes" online somewhere so I can match the correct length of the belt with the pants size? I am looking for a sizing guide for both men's pants sizes and women's pants sizes. Thanks!
  11. iminterested in your hand press - please email paula@crabtreeautorepair.com ASAP  thanks

  12. So I have begun attempting to learn sheridan style carving. Out of the gate, I've realized this is fairly ambitious, but I'll keep working at it to get it down. That being said, I have just been using a Tandy craftool swivel knife, which I am realizing may be causing some definite problems. I am wondering if I were to upgrade my swivel knife, what brand to purchase? I have heard good things about the Barry King knife, along with the Leather Wranglers knife, however I can't afford the $150 price tag (at least not yet!) What swivel knife upgrade would you recommend?
  13. Hello! I am getting into learning Sheridan style carving, and was curious if anyone had a printable template for a basic Sheridan style belt, preferably 1 1/2" in width. Thanks!
  14. So I am contemplating trying my hand at making some work boots. I have absolutely no idea how to do this, where to begin, etc. The style I am after is in the attached picture. Does anyone know any sites/books/articles that give a step by step guide on how to accomplish something like this? Yes I know this is a difficult feat (pun intended), however if anyone has resources that would be awesome. Thanks!
  15. I've been using barge cement, and letting it dry for about 30-45 minutes. As for the leather, I only use 3-4 oz. veg tan, and English bridle. Wallets mostly is what I make. If I were to use 138 thread, what size needle would I use for that? As far as the top tension goes, I have the nut almost all the way unscrewed. Anything more and the nut would be close to falling off.
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