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  1. I am having the same issue with some veg skirting 12oz leather, just a very heavy dense section. I actually ran it through with no thread to pre punch the holes, then with thread making sure I hit the pre punched holes perfectly. This is a bit of a pain in the ass, but better than 5 or 6 skipped stitches on a belt.
  2. congrats, seems like a great deal. I have the same setup. Allan
  3. What a thoughtful gift, I am sure she will love it. Love the belt, love the box……. I bet she will have it her lifetime. Allan
  4. Cool picture, I like the armor. That is a ton of lace……. great job!! Allan
  5. I really like the EVH strap, nice work. Allan
  6. Nice work, that strap will be great with that custom tele. Looks like it will be super comfortable to wear.
  7. Looks good…... I have done guitar straps with that stamp, it is tricky to keep the tool lined up consistently. Allan
  8. I am a big fan of that, great job. Allan
  9. nice strap!!!!!! I am buying a nice sunburst, tort guard, jazz bass for my daughter on Friday…... your picture made me stop and admire, I always make a point to see your work. Allan
  10. I just really like a heavy thick belt. I have been using 8-10 Oz and 12-13 Oz with the 3-4 Oz lining, I have not worn one of the heavier weight ones yet. Allan
  11. I'm sure you guys will figure it out, keep us posted on how things go…….. I only bought from Steve because he has a great reputation for customer service. I have a guy 20 minutes from me but I did not get the best vibe, hence me buying from LMC 2500km away. I have to say this was the first time I have heard anything negative about LMC. Fingers are crossed for you….. I deal with customers all the time and sometimes the best feeling is turning an unhappy customer into your best customer. Allan
  12. Thanks for the info, right now I only have 207 as the smallest and I was using a #23 needle. I bought the machine to sew guitar straps and belts so really not too worried about the lighter weights, although the more I know about the machine the better. At this point I am winding bobbins, threading the machine and basic sewing but have not messed with tension yet. It is sewing nice with 277(#25 needle) and I like that weight so I will leave it be for now. Allan
  13. I tried sewing lighter 4-5oz leather and was not able to get a good looking stitch, not that I know what I am doing…... I did buy the machine knowing it is not for thiner than 6oz. I also found it does not stitch well in reverse with the lighter leather, stitch length does not match. The machine seems to like thick leather and does the reverse better the thicker the leather. I guess it was intended for heavy work. Allan
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