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  1. And we thank you for your support. Bartles and Jaymes:)
  2. Thanks King's X Your link is also what I think of as an ulu knife. I am just looking for alternatives. I did see some ulu knifes similar to the first link, but with damascus steel. The big thing I noticed with most is that they are manufactured in China. Like everthing else these days:( Thanks, Doyle
  3. Hello All, I am wondering if anyone has experience using a ulu knife or similar in place of the head knife. To be fair I am new to fabrication, having only tooled/carved projects in years past. http://www.ebay.com/...=item2ecd499f13 I was looking at purchasing this to compliment the old Midas round knife I still need to sharpen the nicks out of and hone. Thanks, nwdetectorist Doyle
  4. PM sent --- Please let me know how to send payment. Thanks, Doyle nwdetectorist
  5. Thanks Randy, I was just looking for the lighter case pattern. On the other hand, my smoking friends may want a cigarette case as well. Please email or post the cigarette and lighter case pattern too. Doyle
  6. Bic Lighter Case Pattern Needed Hello All, I know, it seems so simple. Yet, I would rather get a PDF or otherwise pattern for making a Bic lighter case. My fabrication skills are just not that good yet. Have been away from the hobby since the late 80's and just finishing up a basic set of tools. Gonna work my way back to some more detailed tooling in a few years:) Thanks, Doyle
  7. Parralax Error and Natural Lighting (the real sunshine) or Natural Lighting Products (full spectrum) http://www.ehow.com/how_10000073_prevent-parallax-error.html Errors in Measurement http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallax The lighting that I use to help with my no-line bifocals, so that I may actually get something crafted right. These lights can be purchased at Fred Meyers, Krogers, and other retailers. I am also a newbie/returning to a long lost hobby of mine, and no I do not always do so well with getting clean edges and a nice square layout. Learning to be a professional is learning how to adjust for, integrate, and hide those minor errors in fabrication:) Thanks, nwdetectorist
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