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  1. I'm with jls on this, slots cut to belt size, I use oblong punches from Weaver, seem to work well, holster stays put on the belt.
  2. Thank you for the positive feedback!
  3. This is a holster I did for a gentleman that wanted something to help advertise his business at gun shows and to have a conversation piece in his shop.
  4. blue62

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    Looks like no real people have one of these machines either. Kinda like a 8020 splitter.
  5. blue62

    Pony Traces and breeching

    Big Sioux, thank you for the reply, that's the information I was looking for. My little guy got a pony last week and he wants a harness for it, and in all the information I have there's dimensions for everything but a pony farm harness. Thanks again, John
  6. I'm looking for finished length of Traces and breeching for a farm style pony harness. Thanks in advance, John
  7. blue62

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    Jls, that what I'd like to do, but it seems nobody actually has one, The Leather Guy in St Charles can order one in, but it's special order only. The price is the same as the Cobra 14, but there would be any additional freight to get it to me since I could pick it up. Youboob has some really good stuff, but I agree anything can be made to look good. I'm a little Leary of the Chinese stuff after buying a cb4500, seems like any accessories I get for it need a complete refit to make them work the way I think they should.
  8. blue62

    Cobra class 4 vs Weaver 205

    I don't have any experience with the Weaver 205, but I have used a real Adler 205 at the saddle shop, I wish I would have saved my money and got one rather than the cb4500, the Adler runs so much smoother and quieter than the cowboy and seems to make a nicer stitch. When I got my flatbed I waited till I found a Adler 467, accessories and parts are a bit more expensive, but it works very well.
  9. blue62

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    Apparently nobody actually has one in captivity.
  10. blue62

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    Yes, they do look easy to use, I think support from any of the Chinese manufacturers if pretty slim, the quality of support depends on the selling dealer, some are very knowledgeable, some sell the machines, I had to do a lot of fiddling with my cb4500 to get it to work like I think it should.
  11. blue62

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    No, nothing other than what's on YouTube, I sure would like to hear from someone with one.
  12. blue62

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    Other than the people that sell them does anyone have any firsthand experience with the 8020 splitter? I'm thinking about getting one and was wondering how much tinkering and how steep the learning curve is to get it to work as it should. Thank you
  13. blue62

    efka variostop troubleshoot

    When I changed mine it was pretty straightforward, the servo mounted in the same holes as the efka, I needed a different belt and had to lengthen the rod to the pedal.
  14. blue62

    efka variostop troubleshoot

    I would put a servo on the Pfaff and call it good, it seems everything for the Adler machines is very expensive in comparison to others.
  15. blue62

    efka variostop troubleshoot

    When I bought my adler 467 it had a efka motor on it, that was 220 volt 3 phase, it worked ok for awhile running it with a phase converter but something happened with the electrionics, and it was easier to convert it to a servo than fix it, I think a 3 phase motor will run on single phase power but the electronics might do strange things, servo installation was straight forward, on my machine i lost some of the automatic features such as the thread cutter, auto backstitch, and footlift. i built a switch box to control the air footlift and reverse.