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    Fortuna v50k skiver

    Fortuna v50k skiving machine, dual feed, has separate motors for feed and blade. Located in spring valley, mn Will not ship $1000
  2. Light coats, keep the oil warm, and one of the bigger things, if your leather is on the softer side it will take oil faster, any kind of stamping will also take oil quicker, so light coats and set someplace warm to let the oil even out.
  3. A set of cowboy action holsters to fit 5 1/2" saa. Two layers herman oak 6/7oz, finished with a coat of neatsfoot oil and tancote.
  4. Use a liner and put the snap base in before you put the liner on.
  5. Latigo works much better for lining tack, seems to last longer than chrome tan, as far as thickness goes make you outer layer a shade thinner, for example if you want a finished piece at 14oz, use a 7oz veg and a 7oz latigo liner.
  6. No, I haven't used one, or bought a splitter at all, I've been keeping a eye out for a band knife though, .
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    Cowboy 4500, used 207 thread
  8. blue62


    Buggy dash, padded and covered in patent leather.
  9. Follow Josh's instructions and you should do just fine.
  10. One of the fustrating things of relining skirts is when you cut the single row of stitches that hold the woolskins and plugs to the skirts and find the glue that was supposed to hold the plugs in place has broken down over the years, and now the plugs are laying on your bench, it takes some extra time to reglue them and properly get them back in place. So, When I build my skirts I use two rows of stitching, the inner row holds the plugs in place, and the outer row holds the woolskins. Just thought I'd share something that may make someone's job easier in the future.
  11. I like 2 layers of 6/7 herman oak. If your interested in western holsters slickbald's pattern pack is the best $25 you could spend, it comes with very well written instructions that can be applied to alot of different things.
  12. One of the bigger reasons for no liner is cost, to line takes twice the material and adds labor. At least from a production standpoint.
  13. The other plus tax veg liner made from the same thickness as the front is it makes for a nice rigid holster that holds it's shape, kinda like how plywood gets its strength.
  14. +1 on the veg liner, mine are the same stuff the fronts are cut from, usually 4/5oz for pancakes.
  15. Use two coats on each piece, let first dry completely, let second dry to where your finger will barely stick to it, then put together and apply some pressure, such as hammering if your project allows.
  16. Big box, fold stirrups into woolskin, use cheap pillows for cushion, wrap horn with scrap wool skin.
  17. Good looking rig, for cas I'd leave the bullet loops off, so there would be room for a shotgun slide with a couple loops for a on the clock reload.
  18. They are the same needles as a 441 clone, schmetz has sizes marked a couple of different ways on there packages https://www.schmetzneedles.com/item/794-S-Needle-System-SPECIAL-ORDER-100274
  19. 277 top and bottom, get a few different sizes of needles, I think they use the same needle class as a 441 clone, I use sizes 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, depending on the thickness of the material and how the stitching needs to look.
  20. Anything over 6 oz would sew ok in a cowboy 4500, anything less the consew 206 or a class 26 cobra would work well,
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