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  1. Good day everyone. I got my bobbin and servo motor. Went thru and checked all of the specs in the service manual. Machine was all clean and oiled so I tried it out. Made 1 stitch and that's it. It kept feeding but the hook stopped catching the needle thread. I slid the bobbin cover over and saw the timing got knocked way out. I started digging in and noticed that the hook gear slipped and was pushed back. I know it was tight. I actually replaced the 3 flat head set screws with hex head set screws so that I can make sure that I can easily tighten them. The gear is more chewed up than before so I know I have to replace it. I would love to hear any opinions on why the gear keeps moving on me before I replace it. the gear set is not cheap. Here is what I know. -Machine is clean, moved and is moving smooth and free with the handwheel. -timing and clearances were to service manual spec. I'm not a sewing machine tech but I am pretty good with prints, tolerances and specs. I used a Dial indicator for top, bottom, etc and an accurate digital caliper. -The machine was crashed pretty bad and it had timing issues before I bought it. Thankfully the price reflected that. -The hook/timing gear was chewed up. That is the proof that there was a pretty serious crash in the past. -I hoped to be able to get some use out of it before having to replace the gear but now the gear is worse and definitely has no hope. I am thinking the reason the gear keeps moving on me is because it doesn't mesh properly in one area causing a random meshing problem and rides up on the tooth causing it to push away and mess up the timing. Iike I said, I will be biting the bullet and getting a new gear set but would appreciate any input just in case I am missing something because I really don't want this problem to continue with the new gear set. Sorry for such a long post and thanks for making it to the end. I added a few pics for reference. Oh and it is an Adler 269-373.
  2. I did end up coming across a video for a pfaff that is the same idea. In the video for that particular machine he had to set the needle bar up 4mm and make sure the feed dog isn't moving. I know it is a different machine with different specs and I have to go with the service manual for my machine but I figured I'd just check. At 4mm up the feed dogs and needle bar did not move. Tomorrow I will bring it into spec according to the adler 269-373 service manual. I do already have all of the manuals printed out and organized in a binder. I did that the evening I brought the machine home. The other thing I in the video was what looks to be called the pressure piece. I noticed mine is broken on 1 side. See pic. I will look into getting a new one but if it ends up being a pain I may end up making one out of aluminum. Thank you for the help so far.
  3. I'm not sure if I am checking it correctly but I turned the wheel until it is all the way down. When I lift the lever into reverse the needle and feed dog move back what looks to be the stitch length. So if I am checking and understanding it correctly it definitely needs to be adjusted.
  4. I'm not sure if I am checking it correctly but I turned the wheel until it is all the way down. When I lift the lever into reverse the needle and feed dog move back what looks to be the stitch length.
  5. Just wondering if anyone would happen to know how th adjust the reverse stitch length so that it matches the forward stitch length on an Adler 269-373. I've been searching and only found answers for other machines. I did see an old post from years ago about this but there was no solution so instead of restarting an old post I figured I'd start a fresh one.
  6. I'm not sure if the capacity is the same between the 167 and 169 but on my 169 I was able to go thru about 10mm 1st attempt without making any adjustments. This is thinner thread than I would use ant pretty sure the needle was larger than it should have been and still did it like nothing was there.
  7. Very nice machine and very nice work! I can't wait to finish tuning, cleaning, etc so I can actually get a feel for my machine and start on some projects. I have to wait until Tuesday... if I'm lucky Monday for some set screws and hopefully I will have all of the bugs worked out by then.
  8. I may be missing it but I don't see anything about the motor or controller.
  9. Thanks for the attempt. Looks like we got same results except I didn't see that one at auction. That motor and controller looks almost identical to mine but still no info attached to it. I've never came up with so little in a google search. My machine is actually an Adler. I'm guessing they won't know because I think the retailer possibly combines the head, table and motor so there is likely not a standard from Juki, Adler, etc. That's just what I'm thinking but I may send an email just in case.
  10. Ah. OK. I was thinking motor clutch. I was able to sort out the machine itself. I have a feeling the previous owner had a pretty serious crash and knocked the timing out then couldn't get it to sew anymore. I had to clean it and set the timing and now it seems to be sewing good. I will possibly have to change the gear under the bobbin in the future but it is expensive. For now it is working nicely. Right now I'm trying to get info on the motor and controller but can't find anything online.
  11. Hello all. I'm stuck. I am trying to get info on my motor and controller. I googled all names, numbers, codes, etc and nothing. Even if I can get info on what the switches and dials do...other than speed. I got that one with no supervision. Lol. Someone mentioned in my other post the other day that it is not a servo but I don't see a clutch and it doesn't spin unless I step on the pedal. Just wanted to add that it works but I just don't want to miss out on any settings or features. I can add more pics if needed. Thanks in advance.
  12. I've been working on the machine itself so far so I haven't gotten to seeing the bells and whistles of the motor and controls yet so this may be a dumb question but where is the clutch safety mechanism. I honestly haven't even noticed where the clutch is. I thought it would be on the front of the motor but I didn't see it. I just realized that I have a dial to set the speed. The good news is that it does sew now. I did a couple test stitches and it's looking really good. Tonight is hopefully the night I finish up the final assembly and clean up. Then I can get familiar with the machine and see if anything else needs attention. Here is my test stitch.
  13. I had some tome to tinker with the machine today. I noticed the hook timing looked close but the distance from the hook to the needle was off. The hook would just go right my the needle string unless the string had a big loop. Then out of nowhere the wheel would keep getting stuck. Not binding but a solid stop. Then i would back it up and would stop again but in different spots. I tilted the head to take a look and didn't see anything. When i but it back upright i heard something fall and bounce off of the tiles. It was a small grub screw. I had no idea where it came from and im glad i wasn't on carpet because i would have never noticed it. It solved the problem of the wheel getting stuck. I watched a couple videos to get a feel of what I was going to see in the cylinder. Since I got my youtube degree on cylinder arm sewing machines, I slowly started taking pieces off. I wish there was a screw kit I can just buy for the machine. All of the screws are burned up from using improper drivers. I ended up noticing that there was a few grub screws on the gear for the bobbin carrier gear and 1 was missing so that mystery is solved. I think I will keep going so I can give it a good deep cleaning because there is a lot of crud in there but everything looks to be in good shape. Just dirty but thankfully oiled. About the hook being far away from the needle. I did adjust the gap and tried to sew again. I actually got a couple really bad stitches. It's a start. That is when I just couldn't stand to look at all of the crud and started taking it apart. That's it for now. I hope some of you find this interesting. I'm actually having fun with it and excited to get it stitch. Thanks for reading.
  14. Thanks. Good to know. As of right now I am fine with the motor set up it has. Definitely something to consider in the future.
  15. Update! First of all, thanks again to all that replied. You helped me spend my money. I got the machine. I am hoping it is a diamond in the rough. I got it out of my truck, down up the porch and down the first set of stairs and put it back together. Definitely a beast by myself. Here's a quick rundown of what I know. The seller told me that it likely has a timing issue. When I saw it I knew that it needs a cleaning and a tune up. I noticed other things like a couple added holes in the bobbin cover slide thing but that isn't going to affect the sewing, just snagging fabric. I will worry about that later. I am going to say cleaning again because even if it does sew I wouldn't start a project until it is cleaned, oiled and tuned. That said, I had to try to sew a piece of thin leather... it didn't. The needle picked up the bobbin thread but when I put the leather in, it is not picking up the bobbin thread with the leather in it so it is a no sew. I am not concerned at all yet. I just messed with it for less than an hour and I have an import patcher that I "adjusted" actually sews quite well so I know I can get this thing going. I can already tell that this machine is many steps up. That's it for me tonight but I attached pics of it back together so let me know what you thing. I paid $400CAD so $3.01... I mean approx $301USD. It is dirty, looks to be in pretty good shape over all and motor and mechanically sounds good... speaking of motor, is it a servo? I am thinking it may be but I don't really know what I am talking about. Let me know If I should start another thread if anyone is interested in coming on an adventure or if I should just keep this one going. Either way, I think it could help someone out in the future since I didn't really find a lot in info on this specific machine. Thanks again for all of the help so far
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