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  1. Oh I didn't think of that! Good idea I will look into something like this as well. I was thinking some kind of nice stitch or braiding around it. Any ideas on that? Thanks for the idea!
  2. I was just curious if anyone had ideas on how to dress up a stone inlay on a knife sheath? What have you done to make it stand out? Photos or links to stories would be amazing. Just looking for something other the. The plain old cut out and wet forming around the stone. Maybe braiding or something else. Thank for any ideas or suggestions.
  3. Hello, does anyone know where I can find a good fanny pack/hip purse pattern. I'm curious as to what may be out there. Hoping for one with a couple pockets on the outside and maybe a zipper pouch inside. I seem to have a lack of vision today and can't seem to design one I like. I attached a photo of kind what I'm going for. Any help would be grateful!
  4. Wow thanks for all the great tips and info! That's why I love this forum!
  5. Hey guys so I'm going to try my hand at a holster for my pop. He has a S&W Sigma 40V which is equivalent to a Glock 19. What's a good leather thickness I should use for this? Is there a forum topic on wet forming a leather holster or do you guys have a better way of forming? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. I know people have have used arbor presses when using embossing plates. Does any one have pictures of theirs and the modification made to make it work? I would love to see them! Any suggestions or ideas are grateful. Thank you
  7. Wow I did t get that far haha I only wanted to look at the pic! That is very pricey.
  8. I just did a search on camera holsters and the photo popped up! I followed the link below whic was a camera blog site. http://nikond90blog.blogspot.com/2009/01/nikon-d90-leather-camera-holster.html
  9. Actual both! I didn't put the case thats my fault. Sorry. Yeah that's how I figured I would go about it. Just wants to check and see if there was any great I input likes yours or pattern ideas. Thanks for your tips.
  10. Hey guys anyone have any patterns for a camera sling like the one in my photo or know where I can locate one? Any help would be grateful!
  11. Thanks for the info sinpac! Thanks tboyce! Very nice work!
  12. Anybody have any sketchbook or journal patterns to share? Just courious how everyone is doing them. I can't find any good patterns to go with and I'm looking for some help! Please share if you have any! Thanks!
  13. I am making a leather sheath and I want to inlay a coin into the leather. My question is what type of glue can be used to help glue the coin to the leather to help keep it in place? I don't want to ruin the leather so I wanted to ask you pros! Any info is greatly appreciated.
  14. I am making a sheath I have it all pretty much done however I came across someone doing double loop lacing and thought that would add to the sheath! I'm am a rookie newbie to leather so forgive me asking dumb questions! Since my sheath is done could I add the lacing? How? Drill holes? Most vids I have seen, most projects seem loose and my sheath is glued together so I can't tuck the ends of the lacing in. How can I hide the lacing once it's done? I assume just tuck it into the lacing perhaps? All you pros and vets, Please help a newbie!
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