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  1. sometimes u have sacrfice somthing else for it i sold my horse to buy a new won
  2. i just want to thank every one on here god bless you all im about to crazy staying at home with nothing to do
  3. I never said I can not or am not willing to work. Did you stop to think about how much time it may have took me to make the saddles I made? I am trying to learn new skills so that I can do something new because I am no longer able to do what I have always done...if you dont know, a cowboys way of life is physically strenuous on someone who is already facing health problems such as mine. I would never condemn a man for wanting to better himself. Thank you for serving our country and much respect to you for your time served. Myself, God and my family know my reasons fr everything I do and I am not the one who set up the gofundme profile. It was someone who is grateful for what I have offered them.
  4. I've recently faced some health issues so I am currently trying to learn more skills in leatherworking. I have made 3 saddles using the Stohlman books and my own skills learning as I go, I have a strong desire to learn and extensive knowledge in saddle repair. I understand the importance of a quality saddle not only for the rider but also for the comfort of the horse. If anyone is in Texas who is willing to loan me books or videos I would greatly appreciate it. I am also looking for someone who can teach me some saddle making skills as an apprentice. I want to attend saddle making classes but due to health reasons I have been unable to keep a full time job so funding is not available. Regardless of my health issues I have the ability and desire to do leather work. i have done lots of ranch work but it is too much for me to do at this time so i've decided to further my knowledge in another interest that will help me provide for my family! IF YOU CONTACT ME I WILL BE HAPPY TO CALL YOU IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. http://gofundme.com/helpmehelptheangel THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST I MADE...PLAIN ROUGH OUT THE SECOND ONE IS ONE THAT I MADE AND DONATED TO A SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISER IN RICHLAND SPRINGS, TX.
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