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    My husband does custom leatherwork, mostly tack. We have a small ranch with Quarter horses, sheep, dogs, cat and chickens. We enjoy team roping, playing guitar, horse gentling, good food and friends;)

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    Custom tack and repair
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    Our industrial sewing machine which is old but new to us!
  1. Thanks Jeremy:) My husband is the craftsman, he makes custom tack and repairs saddles etc. He called Coates Saddlery in TX who he used to work for and they hooked us up. He got an old SEIKO workhorse machine but it had no paperwork or accessories with it, so were struggling a bit! Thanks for the response.
  2. Thank you so much Geneva:) OK I am going to sound dumb but my husband is the craftsman, not me, but he works FT and doesn't have much time for the research. So I need to order both 92 thread and 138 thread? And do the needles need to say specifically for leatherwork? Any particular brand of needle? Do you have a reputable site that you like to order from? Thanks so much!
  3. Hi Guys, This is a test post because I can't seem to get anything I write to post on here! I am looking for help with an old Industrial SEIKO machine my husband and I purchased:) Lets see if this posts!
  4. Howdy from Farmville, VA! Yes, Farmville is a REAL place:) My husband is a cowboy from TX who enjoys leatherwork, he creates mostly custom tack for our roping horses and can repair just about anything to do with leather. His Singer home machine just broke and we just purchased an old industrial SEIKO machine walking foot and cylinder arm which I believe is a CW-1. It works well but has no paperwork with it. I have been searching for days to find a manual and to try and determine what size needles I should order and what size/type of thread. My husband is old school and did a lot of his work by hand. I need help! Any and all would be appreciated:) I have attached some pics of the machine in case anyone is interested or knows exactly what we have. Thanks!
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