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  1. Tom

    Removing Chicago Screws

    You might apply a little heat with a soldering iron to the screws ?
  2. Randall-Campbell has copy's of a operators instructions manual
  3. Tom

    What is the name of this punch?

    I think this is a brogue punch
  4. Tom

    Moccasin Jacks

    One is listed on Ebay at this time.
  5. Tom

    How Do I Make This Simple Tote?

    You might look at this link
  6. Tom

    Tacsew T111-155 Help

    You might try the same things listed in this post
  7. Tom

    Kevin King?

    You Might try
  8. Tom

    How To Make Moccasins

    Very nice !! Looks like allot of steps to make them that well. Thanks for posting this !!
  9. Tom

    Price Of Campbell Lockstitch?

    Hi Mike , Give them a call they can give you lots of information Toll Free: 1-800-223-6018
  10. Tom

    Union Lockstitch Manual

    Hi Blackhorses: You might try