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  1. Thanks again for your reply. I tried to measure it from your pics but couldn’t get to work out right. Good info. I appreciate your patience!!
  2. Beautiful !!! Been anxiously waiting to see these all finished up. Almost too pretty to use !!! Thanks for sharing your talent !!! One last question, please? What type maker’s mark do you use? Steel, brass, delrin??? What size or width ( 1 1/4” ? ) and do you stamp it with a maul or use a press?? It looks perfect, like the rest of your work. Thanks again
  3. Thank you. That’s exactly the information I was looking for. I was fearful my question wouldn’t make sense but you nailed it. Your work is impeccable. I appreciate your lengthy and detailed response. Even I can understand it!!! You’re a talented artist and most generous to share your time and technique. Thanks again, Humbug Gotta go cut some leather
  4. Love your holsters. I’ve been watching the progression of this project and appreciate the time you’ve taken to post pics and answer questions. I have a couple of questions to ask. How do you layout your initial border lines? Specifically, the 2 narrow lines that form each of your stamping borders. They seem so “perfect”, they almost appear to be double lines laid out at one time. Is that the case or do you layout 2 separate lines ? Also, you said 2 of the holsters got “highlighter” for a finish. Can you be specific about what product and/or technique you used to “highlight” your stamping. I’ve researched highlighter products but just too many for me to narrow it down. Your work is an inspiration to an amateur like me. I just hope to someday turn out work that resembles yours. Thank you for your time and sharing your talent and experience.
  5. Thanks for your detailed response. You've inspired me to try something different. Ive got a sheath in the works and Plan to try your technique. Thanks again
  6. I've been admiring your drop down holster for the snubby and now your "scrap leather cross draw". I envy your work. They look great! Leatherwork is a fairly new hobby for me and I've been making holsters, knife sheaths and ammo boxes for my sons. I finish them with neats foot oil and Aussie wax to help water proof them, so nothing fancy. I love the colors and contrasts of your holsters. If it's not a trade secret, could you tell me how you get the different colors and the pattern around your zia stamp? Love the southwest, New Mexico, look. Thanks
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