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  1. Hello, try Tandy in South Spain. They have an website. Bert
  2. Since the Uk doesnot belong anymore to EU, import charges are very high.
  3. Maybe van Oversteeg in Sprang Cappelle.
  4. Try A&A Schoenmakers machinehandel in Waalwijk. Ik weet dat zij stansmessen maken. Ben zelf ook geïnteresseerd.
  5. Hoi, necchi is een Italiaans merk. Zie je niet veel in Nederland. Je zou Duitse ebay kunnen kijken voor onderdelen. Sorry I was talking in Dutch to the guy. I'd go for adler or pfaff. Better with spare parts.
  6. Hello, Try ebay.de. they have a lot for sale overthere
  7. I just wanted to state that I'm also very interested in the $ 200,- machine.
  8. I'm interested, but pictures would be helpfunctie. Prices here in Holland are ridicule, and handmachines are not available for small businesses.
  9. Or try the Adler website. They have a lot of manuals, mostly free
  10. Hi, Where are you in the Netherlands. I'm also from the Netherlands, The Eastern part and do leatherwork. Now busy restoring an Adler cilinder bed machine. Maybe Ann assist? Bert Anny
  11. Why not trying ebay.de, or adler themselves. I think these spare parts are stillegale to find, becase they are still made. Bert.
  12. bemavu

    Anson mills buckle

    Wanted: Have to make woven belts, like used in the civil war, and need anson mills buckles. Repro no problem. Are big brass plates, 3# wide
  13. Hi, Pictures please. How are your tensionscrews?
  14. Hello, Very interesting. As I'm not in 3d printing I wonder If a pattern like this is for sale? Yours, Bert
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