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  1. Hello, try Tandy in South Spain. They have an website. Bert
  2. Since the Uk doesnot belong anymore to EU, import charges are very high.
  3. Maybe van Oversteeg in Sprang Cappelle.
  4. Try A&A Schoenmakers machinehandel in Waalwijk. Ik weet dat zij stansmessen maken. Ben zelf ook geïnteresseerd.
  5. Hoi, necchi is een Italiaans merk. Zie je niet veel in Nederland. Je zou Duitse ebay kunnen kijken voor onderdelen. Sorry I was talking in Dutch to the guy. I'd go for adler or pfaff. Better with spare parts.
  6. Hello, Try ebay.de. they have a lot for sale overthere
  7. I just wanted to state that I'm also very interested in the $ 200,- machine.
  8. I'm interested, but pictures would be helpfunctie. Prices here in Holland are ridicule, and handmachines are not available for small businesses.
  9. Or try the Adler website. They have a lot of manuals, mostly free
  10. Hi, Where are you in the Netherlands. I'm also from the Netherlands, The Eastern part and do leatherwork. Now busy restoring an Adler cilinder bed machine. Maybe Ann assist? Bert Anny
  11. Why not trying ebay.de, or adler themselves. I think these spare parts are stillegale to find, becase they are still made. Bert.
  12. bemavu

    Anson mills buckle

    Wanted: Have to make woven belts, like used in the civil war, and need anson mills buckles. Repro no problem. Are big brass plates, 3# wide
  13. Hi, Pictures please. How are your tensionscrews?
  14. Hello, Very interesting. As I'm not in 3d printing I wonder If a pattern like this is for sale? Yours, Bert
  15. Hi, It is a very heavy machine, suitable for horse harnasses aso. I don't think it's suitable for holsters, because you don't have room to turn your leather. If you are making belt, straps aso this could be a good machine. For restoration purposes I think the price is to much. Spare parts are hard to find, maybe in Germany, maybe Adler themselves. Good luck Ber.
  16. bemavu


    Wanted! Embosser machine like Tippmann or other maker
  17. Hello, You can find parts list on the internet and explosion view of both machines. Go to the Adler site and you find all you need for them. Also for the Pfaff is thè Internet a great find. Cordialement, Bert
  18. Ps: parts and explsion view can be found on the internet
  19. Hello, I had one and was able to sew with a 160 needle. The system for the needle is 134-35. The machine can handle medium weight leather. If you sew with the 160 needle you must take a smaller bobbin thread, otherwise it won't sew correct. I always used a straight point but better is to take a cutting pointer, either LR or S point. If you want to sew ticker leather like shoulder aso. I advise you to buy, If possibly, a somewhat heavyer machine. All in one I was quit happy with but was able to buy a Adler 269-373, which is able so sew a bit ticker leather. Yours, Bert
  20. Hi Mark, Have you checked the Adler site. They have also a parts manual. Yours, Bert
  21. Hello Mark, Is the feeddog straight? Maybe someone has bent it a bit, which seems a bit strange, because all of these items are hardened. Look on the Adler site how they should be. Succes, Bert.
  22. Hello, You can go to the website of Adler. The have Instructionmanuals for a lot of theIer machines. Also the 69. In those manual you can see how to thread the machine and also the parts are show.
  23. Hi, I never tried them out, but in my opion stainless steel will not hold a sharp edge to make a clean cut. I mostly make them myself of springsteel which I heat treath when I have the right size.
  24. Hi, Is the webbing still available and will you sent to the Netherlands? Yours, Bert
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