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    Cowboy shooting, and I'm making a few knife sets for my old Scout Troop.

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    Leather sewing and lacing techniques, as well as how to work with reptile skins.
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  1. Hi I trial and error the distance between the two lines of stamping on the cut off end of a belt. When I get a spacing I want, I make the lines and start stamping. I find it helpful to start on the inside of the project instead of the outside. Later
  2. Hi Realizing that I'm being Doktor Fronkenstine and resurrecting the dead, but how do the Brass and steel stamps last? I broke two Tandy Meander stamps, at $7 a piece and Barry's stamps are a lot more, but have already lasted longer. His are all steel. Later
  3. Hi, you know, if you going to put the "swell" behind the trigger guard, you might as well use the extra space to put more slot area for the belt. Later
  4. HI Thanks everyone. I was looking for the whole how to make this work next time. I already have some Hermann Oak 9 ounce shoulder leather to use on the next ones. I also have a Slim Jim about half done that will be lined and had a loop that is tight on the cartridge belt. I may try the Concho and strap idea just so I know how to do it. CASCity mentioned using a Chicago Screw to attach the holster to the skirt. The holster pattern doesn't lend itself to bumping out the holster like in a Mexican loop setup unfortunately. Thanks
  5. Hi Dwight, this is more or less what Will Ghormley calls the Lawdog holster. I made one for practice out of crappy 6-7 ounce leather. I finished it with Neatsfoot oil and Skidmores after letting it get a tan in the sun for a couple of days. The holster practically jumps out of the strap when I draw it. How do you avoid that on this style holster? If I used Vinegaroon would the extra stiffness make it stay in place? Thanks
  6. Hi That looks a lot better than my first holster. What color of thread did you start with? I ask because it appears to have taken some dye. If you dye the leather first, the thread stands out more. You can still do the edging last and put more dye on the edges and finish. With your application, I'd have used a matching thread anyway. The white thread would have stood out too much for Alaska. Later
  7. HI I just saw this and it looks really good. Does it attach to your belt at the bottom? That might make it easier to draw. I have a shoulder holster that I haven't worn in years. Later
  8. HI Bruce, That looks great. Your carving is very, very good. I'm curious how you finished the leather to keep it that light color. Is that unfinished (no Neatsfoot oil, no EVVO) with some sort of laquer? Thanks Mike
  9. If you haven't put any Neats foot oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) on it, it will look gray. I'd let it air out, then put the oil on it. Takes some of the vinegar smell away. Later
  10. OK, mine has NEVER looked that bad and I"m on my second batch. The first lasted a year or so, and I"m say 4 months into the second batch. I keep it in a tall skinny jar from Hobby Lobby. Tall makes for better belt dipping. I have a five gallon bucket ready, but would like to have a house first. Later
  11. I,m new here and may have posted this elsewhere also. Mike, are you saying you have access to Copperhead snakes (skins).  I am in need of a couple now and a source ongoing.

    1. 1961Mike



      A lady I work with kills quite a few.  She (and hubby) live in the woods, and raise hunting dogs as a sideline.  They're all dormant now anyway.  I lucked into this, and wouldn't be using them at all otherwise.  When I get them, they have no head and are frozen solid.

      I'm in Oklahoma, where are you?  Somehow shipping those might be too interesting.


  12. Hi I have had to sand the last two belts that I made on the flesh side because they were so rough. Sanding in one direction worked well. I'm relatively new at this sport, but I found out yesterday that using cheap leather can lead to interesting problems. I found a soft spot in the leather and you can't burnish a soft spot. This was 6-7 thick leather. This was for a practice piece, so I"m not that concerned. later
  13. Hi, I'm more of the cowboy leather work sort, but I do have a question. The satchels don't have a buckle which is understandable being a 500 year old design, but did Renaissance ladies actually stick those itty bitty leather shoe laces back through those itty bitty holes when they went from store to store? Later
  14. Hi I think what Chuck is hitting at is that you need to make the BACK of the holster right, the side against your leg, while leaving the FRONT of the holster to grip the gun. If that helps.
  15. Great work, that's the first time I've seen the meander stamp with no opposing stamps. Interesting look. Later
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