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    Cowboy shooting, and I'm making a few knife sets for my old Scout Troop.

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  1. Hi, which weight of Rawhide mallet did you get? I have a decent sized poly that is worn such that there are no weight marking on it. I'd like a heavier mallet for 3D stamps, belt end cutters, and hole punching. Thanks Mike
  2. 1961Mike


    Hi, that's a great idea and you did a great job in making it. I had to go back and look, getting the "front" and "back" to match looks great. Later
  3. Thanks, I see the difference now. Both look great by the way. I'm learning how to do the Serpentine tooling for a cowboy money belt and possibly for the holster also. I have Will Ghormley's Law Dog holster plans to work from. Later
  4. Hi Both are nice looking rigs. I have a question though. When I first looked at the thread, I "knew" that was a Threeperson's Holster. I don't see much difference between the Threeperson's rig and the Rhodesian rig. What's the difference? Tom Threeperson's designed the one named after him. Later
  5. Hi, While the idea has merit, I wonder if it would call attention to the area and give away your pistol. Most people go to their cell on the order of 100 times a day, and in doing that in front of your pistol, you're continuing to call attention to it. Just my $0.02
  6. 1961Mike

    Daisy holster

    Hi, On the sights, I've read that some people sew a couple of strips of leather on each side of the front sights on the inside of the holster for the front sight to slide down? Does that work well? Thanks
  7. HI Forester Chuck would have been proud and Kid Terico would have bought it. Later
  8. Hi, the cavalry holsters had the flap to keep the cylinder and percussion caps covered. Brass cartridges weren't common in the Civil War, and most handguns were still percussion. To state that gunflights portrayed in films were very rare is an understatement. Most shooters seemed to have the gun out and pointed your way when they asked for your money, or to surrender. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi, I would think you'd know this, but having bought a holster with Chicago screws that fell out, I'll be on the safe side. Use the Loctite that's the easiest to get unscrewed. I'd use the blue stuff. I had a holster dump three screws in the grass when I tried it on. Threadlockers Later
  10. Hi Kris, that's called a Keeper. Many modern cowboy action belts have them, but they weren't used back in the Old West. Great looking belt by the way. It's obviously not styled like an Old West cartridge belt and holster, but it's not a buscadero belt at least. You do really good work. Later
  11. 1961Mike

    First sheath

    Hi I like both Resolene and Tan Kote, I did some experimenting with those and Bag Kote. I don't know about the durability of any of the three, but the Bag Kote looks a little better and isn't shiny like Tan Kote. Resolene is good, but I put on 3-4 light coats before I decided I was done. Later
  12. Hi, well executed and beautifully done. Not my style though. I'd put that on and 30 minutes later there would be 2 oil stains and a ketchup stain. Later
  13. That looks great. I'm curious as to WHY? I've never even thought of wearing a rig that way. Horseback? Later Mike
  14. Hi, I always had a lot of trouble with either Kidney or Appendix carry in the car. I had a 2007 Subaru and I couldn't have shot a car jacker on a bet. With a Kidney Carry, the 1911 was behind the seat belt and between me and the seat. I also have just enough gut to make Appendix carry annoying. I ended up with a Shoulder holster for in the car. I also swapped to a itty bitty Beretta for carrying in a pocket. Just my $0.02
  15. 1961Mike

    Finished Dog Collar

    HI, Back in the late 1990's, I made a collar for a 3 year old Husky named Seminole. He got it Xmas day and had digested it by New Years. Not really sure how he got to it. Later Mike in Norman OK