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    Cowboy shooting, and I'm making a few knife sets for my old Scout Troop.

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  1. Very well done. I've been doing belts that have been outside tanning, then NF and Skidmore's. That works pretty well. I don't have enough space yet to do anything that big. My current tanning facility is the dash of a Subaru. Later
  2. Hi, Thanks, the leather I had a bit of trouble was cased, and was hard to begin with. I was a bit surprised that it didn't take too well, but it looks decent now. Later
  3. Hi Blue62 Nice job. How did you get the neatsfoot oil so even? I just did a belt with edge stamping instead of a stamped center and clear edge. The stamps held a lot more oil than the clear areas. In my case it won't matter because I'm putting on a coat of Skidmore's or two next. Thanks Mike
  4. Hi, that looks great. I've been practicing a lot with the meander stamps. I have small, medium and large. Both the Small and Medium work on each side of a 1 1/2 inch belt. I'd have put a small Star in the trigger guard corner of the holster to fill the space. Your stamping looks very crisp. The white thread is what they used to use almost exclusively, at least that's what's in Packing Iron. I was going to use plain brown waxed thread, but then I looked back through the book. Later
  5. Hi I would try to make the holster and belt look such that you can slit the thread holding the magnets on and get rid of them if he wants to at a later date. I'm not big on having a magnetic field run through me. Later
  6. Hi, The battlemunky is right, that's some well executed basketry. I both hate it and love it. 1. I don't like the looks of Basket weave on leather. I don't know why, I was never kept in a basket as a child, etc. 2. I wouldn't have stitched over the basket-weave. 3. You did do a REALLY good job of it. 4. The stitching over the basket-weave looks really good though. Later
  7. Hi, I had a question on your double meander, I have the meander tools, but what did you use to draw the guide lines? I use a blade and what ever you use looks better. Thanks
  8. Hi Looks good. I haven't shot Steel Challenge, do you have to draw from the holster? Just don't forget that's there at Walmart or does that matter at all in Arizona? Not a big deal here in Oklahoma. Later
  9. Hi I put Resolene on with a rag. I'm finishing a Meander edged belt, so the divots in the Meander are fairly deep. I put a lot of half and half Resolene on to get the holes filled and then wipe the rest "down stream". I just rub until the White in the Resolene doesn't have any bubbles in it. Does anyone spray on the Resolene or use a dauber? Later
  10. Hi, I've made several black belts using Vinegaroon. I made it with Cider Vinegar and steel wool. https://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,11991.0.html I put it in the dye bath for 10 minutes, wash it in a Baking soda bath, rinse and let it dry for a few days. I let it dry until it quits smelling like vinegar. So far so good. I've finished it with Resolene, Tan Kote and Bag Kote. I commonly finish the back side with Gum Tag, and cover that with Bag Kote. Later
  11. HI Look up the leather section in CAS City Forum. Old time dyes a How_to There is some great information on Vinegaroon, Walnut dye etc. To cut to the unhappy ending, making a Gray dye seems to be difficult or impossible. Later
  12. Hi, I'll second dirtclod and Lokirk's recommendation. Page 2 has the directions for making a pattern. Yes you will have to do things differently with a scope on there, but probably not as much as you think. If you want a tooled leather scope for your Contender, I'd consider making one out of plain leather, get the holster fitted etc, and finished in every way. Then cut the thread and use THAT for a pattern. Heck of a lot of work though. Hope that helps.
  13. Hi Forester, Looks great, can't use the Buscadero in NCOWS, but I plan on making a fancy black rig like that without the dropped Holster position. I haven't seen the Lone Ranger in years, so he probably didn't have a different color thread, but if you're going to go FANCY, go all out. I have enough red thread to do a whole 2 gun rig and belt in all red with Vinegaroon dyed leather. It will be a while so don't wait up. Later
  14. Hi If memory serves, Neat-lac is no longer made. It's 2020, what should I seal the skins with? A lady I work with raises hunting dogs and is therefore somewhat anti-copperhead. I can have all I want. Thanks
  15. Hi Is that fitted to a laptop? I'd sort of like to have one like that, but I'm building other things right now. If you do carry a laptop in there, where to you put the cords etc? The Resolene seems to be holding up well, I've just started back up after making a few things back in the 80's and 90's. Thanks Mike
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