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  1. I have yet to start learning leather working, but looking ahead i was think of easy to make projects i could make for my 2.5 yo once i get the basics down. I originally thought it would be cool (and fun) to make a pint sized tool belt with his name on it, but then i started to think that was a little too advanced and that i was jumping ahead. Can any of you think of any cool and easy to make leather goods a beginner could do?
  2. Thanks for the helpful advice everyone. Like most people, im on a budget and don't want to spend a ton on tools. The main reasons being, if i lost interest or didn't do this very much it wouldn't hurt as much financially and also, i prefer quality ever quantity. Ill look into your suggestions and do more research. I'd like to start small and learn the basics first and then go from there. As an aside, where can i buy decent quality hides? I've read that Tandys hides aren't that great. What's a good leather to practice on?
  3. Hi everyone. I've poured over this forum and have found a great deal of info for getting into leatherworking. What has me stalling is deciding which tools I should buy (and from where) to test the waters. I've read numerous articles from established leather workers where they talk about how they spent hundreds of dollars on unnecessary tools and basically only use a handful to do their work. Of course, I realize the number of tools used will be dependent on the type of work that one does. For the sake of simplicity, I would like to start making stuff like wallets, key fobs, bracelets and go up from there. I've compiled a list of tools but would like to weed out the ones I likely won't need right away. Is there anything missing that i've forgotten? I've highlighted the tools that I know are must haves no matter what, but some of the other stuff is a big question mark for me. Razor Knife Swivel Knife Beveler Camo Tool Veiner Seeder Awl metal ruler Pear Shader Mallet (with rubber ends) Leather Pieces (5-6 oz to start) Edge Beveler (medium) Backgrounder Stitch Groover Feiblings Oil Dye No.2 Harness needles Waxed linen thread Cutting mat (2 – one for cutting and the other for dying) Stitching Pony
  4. thanks. what are MOQ's? I was mainly looking for a source where I could buy these slide on tags in small quantities, not necessarily in bulk. places like Boomerang tags has their markup on tags because they do engraving. I just wanted blank slide on tags but without having to order a large quantity
  5. Boomerang has the style of tag I'm looking for but I should've been more clear. I'm looking for a supplier of slide on tags that sells them at cost. I don't know if boomerang does wholesale
  6. Can any of you point me to a dog collar hardware source that carries slide on dog id tags? I've scoured google and didn't find what I was looking for. Thanks
  7. thanks for the info. I was confused initially because I bought a chromexcel money clip wallet from Mitchell Leather and got the logo stamp on mine. If it's true that chrome tanned leather doesn't take a stamp then how could the chromexcel money clip have the logo? but you've answered my question, they must've hot stamp embossed their logo on the chromexcel. but back to my original question, is steel really more durable and longer lasting than brass?
  8. i've been researching different custom leather stamp companies and they all have their own specialties. I'm wondering if any of you could tell me the differences between the types of stamps and the benefits of each? In the future, should I decide to get a custom logo leather stamp, i'd want something durable that will last me a lifetime. I see that some companies offer them in steel, brass & plastic. I'm sure each has their advantages and disadvantages but I don't know what they are. I was watching a youtube video on leather stamps by Ian Atkinson and he said that chrome tanned leather doesn't take stamps too well, whereas, veg tanned leather does. I basically wouldn't want to invest in a certain type of stamp if I couldn't use it on a specific leather type.
  9. For those of you who are beginners or even seasoned leatherworking veterans, what was your very first leather working project? Wallet? Keychain fob? Belt? Bracelet/cuff? I'm not looking for ideas per se, i'm just curious where you started and how far you've progressed. Plus, I think it's cool to hear stories of people who have done well for themselves.
  10. ok, not really, but hello from Minneapolis where I might as well be living on Planet Hoth. Anyway, I hope to learn a lot about leatherworking as I get my feet wet. I'm primarily interested in getting started on accessory items like wallets and such but there's so much cool stuff out there, so we'll see where this goes.
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