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  1. Thank you for the name! I might try the one from OTB and hope that it's a decent size. I don't love that it's zinc, but it should be good enough. https://ohiotravelbag.com/L-3580/Closure+Nickel
  2. I have searched everywhere and cannot figure out what this type of purse closure is called. I found something similar on Ohio Travel Bag, but they give no details as to sizing, and the name is just "closure." I'd love to get a couple for some small bags, because they are actually really convenient to operate.
  3. This is really interesting! The hummingbird is great, the colors work well and the detail makes it pop.
  4. Lol, I started getting emails for this over a year later. I'm glad to say I have since finished the briefcase! Here is a picture album: http://imgur.com/a/38veR
  5. I sourced the hardware from a lot of places, some local shops, eBay, and some metal specialty web sites. That was one of the hardest stages, because a lot of stainless steel is 304, and I really wanted 316. I can try and find the web sites I got some of the D-rings from.
  6. Hi all! I posted an album of a simple purse that I made as a first project, and mentioned I was working on a briefcase. This is my second project, and it took a lot more work than I anticipated. I couldn't afford a Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Briefcase, so I made one! The dimensions are all nearly exact. Other than some added pockets inside, it's nearly identical in every way, even the hardware size. Planning, drawing, making templates, buying stuff, and everything else probably took me 5 months. I researched every aspect for days, because I was so paranoid I'd buy the wrong thing or do something wrong. This forum has been instrumental in helping me, both in technique tips and places to buy things. The briefcase is made from 4.5 oz Sunrise Wigwam Full grain chrome-veg retan, and lined in 1.5 oz full grain pig skin. The thread is Ritza 25 1.0 mm Tiger thread, all hand saddle-stitche. The hardware is 316 Stainless steel and the rivets are either solid brass or copper, so nothing will corrode. Al hard-points and straps are lined internally with polyester webbing, and everything is glued together with Weldwood contact cement. Here are some preview pictures but the full progress album is at http://imgur.com/a/38veR
  7. Thank you for the kind words! I'm not sure what you mean by holsters as I haven't made those yet, but I'm very close to finishing a briefcase that will be nice. I'll share that hopefully next week before school starts up.
  8. I ordered it from Brettun's Village, it's called Sunrise WigWam. I think Weaver carries some retan as well. If you Google "chrome veg retan" the first few results describe it and it's properties.
  9. Chief, it means that the leather was tanned in chromium salts, then tanned again using vegetable tanning. This supposedly helps increase water resistance, but who knows. Seems to work well, it already got rained on and didn't change a bit.
  10. Dan, it really depends on how low the person wants to wear it. I've seen some with a 48" strap that are fine, my girlfriend is just tall with very particular tastes. The strap is 60" before attaching hardware, so take an inch or two of each end, then and puts it on the third hole. I'm guessing the length is about 52" right now.
  11. This is my second leather project ever, the first also being a purse for my girlfriend. The first, I had no idea what to look for in leather and let Tandy sell me garbage leather, so it's falling apart less than a year later. To make up for that, I made this new and improved version. Everything is hand stitched with an awl and 1.0 mm Ritza 25 (Tiger) thread. The other material information is in the picture descriptions. http://imgur.com/a/6j3ND I hope you guys like the progress and final product. It was a great learning experience and my girlfriend is in love with it. Thanks for looking.
  12. I just received some Sunrise Wigwam chrome-veg retan leather from Brettuns Village, and I'm not very satisfied with my purchase. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that a white/blue core meant that the dye was not given sufficient time to penetrate and is a sign of lower quality leather. Is this the case? I attached a photo showing the line, I'm pretty sure I'm going to return the side.
  13. I'm trying to replicate http://www.saddlebac...category=301406 for fun since I'll need a professional looking bag for law school. I've purchased all the necessary hardware in 316 stainless steel, I bought a spool of 1.0 mm Ritza 25 (Tiger Thread), and I have most of the tools. I've worked with leather before, but never this big of a project so I'm looking for help. First is the leather. I've been looking at some of the leathers on this page: http://www.brettunsv...ather/sides.htm I'm looking at the Sunrise Wigwam, the Dark Brown Pull-Up, and the Prairie Mud leathers. I'm really liking the Sunrise Wigwam. The next thing I need is nice, thin pig leather to line the inside with like Saddleback does. Where would the best place be to get top quality pig skin? What do I look for? Lastly, as seen at this point in the video, , there is a glue used to bond the pig lining to the cow leather. Any hints as to what adhesive this is? I was planning on using Barges and hoping that would last and be able to adhere to the oil tanned leathers. Thanks for any advice :D
  14. "Due to the high grease content, the dyes/stains used to color the leather become very mobile and have a tendency to rub off on light colored clothing." That sounds like color rub to me. I don't have any first hand experience with chromexcel though.
  15. It doesn't make much sense, but that interview is with a Horween employee. You'd think the color rub off wouldn't be bad if people make wallets since that rubs your pocket all day.
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