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  1. I am interested in forming a leather guild. I tried to do this two years ago but was unsuccessful. You cantact me from here, on facebook or thru my email cwakelin@bellsouth.net.
  2. Thanks for adding me Peter!

  3. This a link to pictures of my most recent project. It is the first project I have done from scratch. I learned a lot about using new tools and two color mexican round lacing. The learning process can be seen in the pictures. http://picasaweb.goo...gCNyww_GK1Pi0Iw#
  4. I just finished this for a high school classmate whose granddaughter passed away.
  5. This is a billfold I made as a christmas gift.
  6. Kevin: I found the conchos and buckle set at conchoes.com. They have a good assortment. The carved designs in the one belt are based on some of the available designs. The belt with these carvings was a gift for my Uncle.
  7. I should have mentioned in the original posting that the pattern for the chevy and the choper can be downloaded from The Patterns Biker & Patterns Automobiles Photo Albums by following this link. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/olhscleather...=20&dir=asc Here is the description of the group from thier home page Description[/b] On-Line Home Study Course in Leathercraft (OLHSC) A group designed to advance leathercraft by offering lessons via the web. These lessons teach basics of traditional tooling designs that go back to the days of Greek civilization. We teach leatherwork. Begin leathworking here. (The start of leaathercarving.) Crafting with leather is fun. Our photo albums contain step by step instruction in tooling designs into leather, and many patterns. We are leathercrafters; we carve leather. We work along with the group FLASaH and the South Central Leathercraft Guild. We work with leather. We are not eBay merchants after your money; we are leatherworkers, here to teach and advance your skill. We have more patterns, instructional information, and tips than any group in the world. Our members have more experience than most, and share it freely. For ideas, we are the number 1. Keep this group's discussions on the lessons that are shown here, and to the how-to's of tooling one of the 1000's of line patterns being added daily.
  8. This is a bilfold I did for a friend who is a mechanic and has a son, Tyler who he adores.
  9. This is my first attempt at using spirit dye. I got a little carried away with the Yellow.
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