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  1. I'm gonna distance myself from Tandy. Think I'll try Springfield Leather for my next order.....
  2. Ha Hee, you noticed the lousy five year old "Tandy Craftsman" leather I used. I wanted a heavier belt for CC at work, figured it was a good way to use it up. Even my machine was sayin "What's this crap you want me to sew?" Just for shit's and giggle's I went by Tandy last week and didn't see anything that impressed me, even their good leather was hideous.
  3. Here ya go 25b....First one the front, second is the back. This is a thick (16oz) belt. Not as good on the back but more than acceptable.
  4. Josh, I've owned my CB3200 for almost two years and the honeymoon aint over yet. It has never failed to pick up the bobbin thread and never missed a stitch. I run 277 thread top and bottom......mostly stitch holsters and thicker gun belts. I know it can be set up for a wide range of threads/needles (69-346) but I've only run 277. Last spring I purchased a flatbed CB0797 and it's great for my lighter work (dress belt, wallets, etc). That way I don't need to dumb down/readjust my CB3200 for the light items. I have yet to hear anyone complain about the CB3200. IMHO it's a great machine and very reasonably priced. Bob Kovar and Ryan Neels are both great resources if you ever need support.
  5. The Tippmann website shows it can handle up to 415 thread. I briefly owned one and ran 277 thread.....had the usual tension problems that a lot of Boss owners experience. I didn't like the way the stitching looked on the backside but never really mastered the machine. If I remember I had around $1400 in the Boss and although it was virtually NIB I took a pretty good loss when I sold it. Ended up with a Cowboy CB3200 ($1595 plus shipping) and never looked back. While the bottom stitching isn't perfect it's MUCH better than I experienced with my Boss. Keep in mind that the only machine that makes a perfect stitch top and bottom is a needle/awl machine and they are high dollar.
  6. Don-Here's my $.02. When I reached the point in my leather working journey that I started lining belts/holsters I reverted back to my days in the cabinet shop-I spray my contact cement whenever I can. When I can find it I'll use WisonArt spray contact (at one time only WilsonArt laminate distributors sold it but I have found some Home Depots that carry it by the counter tops) but the Loctite or 3M Super 99 I readily find at Home Depot/Lowes works just as well (get the super high strength). I've never had any problems with anything coming apart. For lighter dress belts one coat is fine but on heavy gun belts I'll let the first coat tack up and then give it a second coat. Probably don't need the second coat but what the heck...The only time I ever brushed or rolled contact cement was when I was out in the field and had no other option. Also my Tandy *coughs* glass burnisher works great for pressing the layers together.
  7. I absolutely concur!! I am the proud owner of a CB3200 and a CB0797 and purchased both from Ryan. He's always been fantastic to work with, even taking a call from me on a Saturday afternoon to help me when I knocked my CB0797 out of time. The man redefines the terms "customer service" and "attention to detail". His dedication to making sure his customers get the right machine for the job AND ensuring it leaves his dock completely set up and sewn off is unbelievable. He's also a pretty funny guy, but that's another story........... JW
  8. My new Cowboy CB0797 just arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely in love with it! This is one smoooooth operating machine! Last year after getting tired of hand stitching (arthritis) I purchased a CB3200 and while I really love it I quickly realized my need for a machine that would run lighter thread, enter the CB0797. Although my CB3200 can run lighter thread I now can leave it set up with #277 and don't have to "dumb it down" (not only time consuming but frustrating) when I need to stitch lightweight leathers. I ordered it set up to run #92 thread and have also run #138 with little adjusting of the tension. In fact all I needed to do was route the thread through all three holes in the top thread guide to add a bit more tension for the #138. While the feed dog does have teeth I was pleasantly surprised to see it doesn't leave ugly marks on the bottom of my leather. It may leave marks on really light garment leather but for now I see none on the tooling leather I use. This machine will open up a whole new list of projects for me and its really got me excited and pumped! I have to at this point issue a blanket apology to Cobra Steve and Cowboy Bob for not buying from you, I've heard nothing but great things about you guys and your level of customer service. That said......Ryan Neels, YOU ROCK! For those of you not familiar with Neels Saddlery and Harness, they are the US distributor for Cowboy machines. Ryan has always been wonderful to work with and I can't say enough about his dedication to providing his customers with the highest quality machines and customer service possible. He even responded to my middle of the night emails. When it comes to his business and customers this man is an animal! (and I mean that in a good way....) So now I need to figure out how to appease the "Finance Ministeress" when she see's the bank account, I hope that new diamond she got will do the trick . BTW I think I got the short end of the stick on this...She gets a new diamond and all I got was some machinery........ Over And Out, JW
  9. FWIW I'm expecting delivery of my new Cowboy CB0797 (Cobra Class 17, Artisan 1797, same machine) today. I already own a CB3200 so there shouldn't be a huge learning curve for me. I've been wanting to do some lighter items and pretty sure this machine will fit my needs. I'll post my thought's on it in the next few days. BTW I've not heard much good feedback on Artisan's customer service. Even though your machine is used this might be something to consider. My machine was $1095 and I've got a GREAT dealer (Ryan Neels @ Neels Saddlery and Harness 330-692-1418) to lean on if needed. Just my 2 cents..... JW
  10. Understood Gump. Nothing against Bob or Steve but I'll be ordering from Ryan Nells, got my CB3200 from him last year and he's also been great to work with. JW
  11. I own a CB3200 that I love but I'm wanting a flatbed machine for "lighter" stuff (thinner dress belts, wallets, checkbook covers, etc.) and have pretty much decided on the Cowboy 0797. I understand all three mentioned in above topic title are pretty much the same machine. Any feedback on these machines would be appreciated before I take the "plunge". JW
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