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  1. I'm looking for input on different styles of Wade trees. I was under the impression Wade itself was primarily based on stick thickness of the fork. However, I see a lot of different names thrown around; Ray Hunt Wade, Homestead Wade,Cliff Wade, 58 Wade, etc. I was told by someone that those names were specific to the tree maker. This person said specifically that Cliff Wade was a Bowden design. But, I have seen the Cliff Wade name on trees other than Bowden. Any input on the difference between these tree styles would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I am looking for some input on saddle strings. I found some other discussions on this topic but I didn't feel like they were as fleshed out as I would like so I would like to resume the discussion. I am debating whether tis better to string through the tree and skirts or screw the strings on through jockeys and rosette? The saddles I've built so far have all been strung through the tree. This is the way I learned, and when inspecting other saddles with screwed on strings I felt it looked like cutting corners. However, after giving it much thought, I cannot see any real disadvantages of screwing the strings. You would avoid any bumps on the underline of the bars, should have comparable strength, and would make repair far easier. I would appreciate any feedback and reasoning as to your preference. Thank you.
  3. I am starting my fourth saddle and I always try to lay out and mark some reference points on the tree such as boundaries for stirrup leathers, center lines on the horn and cantle, etc. Since there is no flat or square area on a saddle, does anyone have a better way than measuring/eyeballing/measuring/eyeballing until it looks right to mark reference points that are true? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I have been focusing on building rough out Wade saddles. Once the leather has been cased, worked, and the saddle is complete, the leather looks a little shaggy. I've tried a wire brush and hand sanding with different grits and it doesn't help. When I look at nice rough outs, say a Tips, they don't have that shaggy appearance. I've looked for a thread dealing with this and the only advice I could find was one member saying they get buffed hides. I don't remember seeing that as an option (I've been using Hidehouse lately). Any input as to how to get a crisp rough out would be appreciated. Thanks.
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