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  1. Big Sioux Saddlery


    Just went through this with a customer. Could NOT get it through her head that simply giving me the jeans size is not a reliable measurement to make a belt that fits. . .a name belt no less. Sometimes I wonder what it's like in other people's heads??
  2. Big Sioux Saddlery


    The only thread I know of that Jeff (JLS) talks about some cutie sending him weight loss pictures, this one. I didn't see mention of any completely naked pictures.
  3. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Randal Model 132 Strap Cutting Machine For Sale

    How's it set up and what are you asking? Spose it would cost a sh**ton to ship to SD.
  4. Big Sioux Saddlery


    You guys are entertaining. I think Jeff's all giddy because he's got a hottie sending him almost naked pictures.
  5. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How sharp ?

    Absolutely no need to apologize to most of us for going on amd on about leather tools! I would very much like to see pictures of those tools. There could be some real treasures amongst them. How awesome to have some history on them also! You are very fortunate indeed.
  6. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How sharp ?

    I have done that also, mostly because it's easier to see a marking, but you are right, it is easier to cut! When I cut patent, I always hope I have a clicker die for the job so I don't have to hand cut.
  7. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How sharp ?

    That mine be fine for lightweight and chrome tanned leather, but there's no way anyone could cut saddle parts out of 13/15oz saddle skirting or harness parts out of 10/12oz harness leather. Round knives were designed to enable the user to cut the intricate pattern pieces used in saddle and harness making. A round knife is also used to skive material away when needing to reduce the thickness. There is no single other cutting tool that is as versatile and indispensable as a round knife to the saddle and harness maker.
  8. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How sharp ?

    Was actually asking the OP, but no matter, I like round knives no matter who owns them.. And that's why yours does hold a good edge, because it IS an old one! I have a newer CS Osborne that came in a lot of other stuff. It has the prettiest sound when I tap it with my finger, but the knife itself isn't worth a damn. Won't keep an edge. My main everyday user is a CS also, but it's old. It could hold an edge better, but the pattern is perfect for cutting parts. I have a couple W. Rose knives. . .now those knives hold an edge!! They are both bigger, wider knives than my CS, so I don't like them for pattern cutting, but they are awesome for skiving and straight cuts.
  9. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How sharp ?

    What kind of round knife do you have? The steel is so poor in some, that you never would get it sharp enough.
  10. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Best strap cutter?

    The one in the link you provided is THE "Original Strap Cutter". I believe others similar are copies. I have one of the originals, and all the markings are nearly worn off. I've had it for over 30 years. It works best for lightweight stuff. If you try to cut saddle skirting or heavy harness leather, you will crumble the blades. I have several vintage steel draw gauges, and if the blade is sharpened correctly, they are hard to beat. It takes a little practice to get proficient in using one. I wouldn't buy a new one though. If you decide to buy a draw gauge, contact Bruce Johnson Leather Tools and buy a good vintage one from him.
  11. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How sharp ?

    It should shave hair from your arm and make virtually no noise when cutting. I will say patent is not as easy to cut as other leathers. The coating on the patent clings to knives, kind of like the plastic sheeting used for harness parts for Biothane harness.
  12. Big Sioux Saddlery

    I wanted to make an order on Buckleguy and the shipping is 30$

    Yes!! Due to the fact that it costs $10 to ship one tool, I usually order a number of tools at one time. Who wins there? Haha!
  13. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Union Lockstitch Manual

    That's so true! I can identify the sound before I even see the machine!
  14. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Union Lockstitch Manual

    That is certainly more informative than the original!! Thank you Cowboy Bob.
  15. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Vintage edge tools help needed

    CS Osborne put their mark on pretty much everything they made, as far as I know. These look a lot more like older Tandy edgers to me. My favorite edgers for heavier leathers are the Gomph round bottom edgers. Very difficult to find in complete sets though, and even singly they fetch a good price. As far as NEW edgers, I know of a couple I'd advise you NOT to waste your money on. PM me if you want to specifics.