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  1. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Hermann oak leather

    Nothing new there. Those have been Wickett's downfalls for years.
  2. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Stapler for box loops

    The driver for my extra set is for imitation stitch staples. Your best bet is probably the package that Beilers sells. Depending on how big of a hurry you are in to get one, I do have a line on another #2 with stapler attachment, but it won't be available until fall.
  3. Big Sioux Saddlery

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    Might be the best answer here yet!! Truth, every word of it.
  4. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Saddlery classes?

    I just replied to your other post, wonderig what part of Illinois you reside in. I would be interested in information on the courses/education/instruction you might offer. There is minimal English work around my part of the country, and about half of what I get I turn away. I have stated that if there was an option to study without flying across the country, or the world, I would strongly consider it.
  5. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Master Saddler and Professional Saddle Fitter

    Welcome Kate. Where in Illinois do you call home?
  6. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Stapler for box loops

    I looked through Weaver's catalog and definitely did not see the wire staple attachment. I swear they used to have one. I will look through my cache and see what I can find.
  7. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Twist for Champion Narrow/Peerless 30?

    I know for a fact that in my American Straight Needle manual it specifies right twist on the bottom. I'm not familiar with your machine but I know there were similarities between some of the American and Champion machines. In fact the two companies may have some shared history if I remember correctly.
  8. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Stapler for box loops

    I might have a spare. I know I have spare #2 heads, I'll have to check on complete stapler attachments. Otherwise do you have a kick press of any kind, like C & O, Heritage, or one of Weaver's? Stapler attachments are sold for all of those machines.
  9. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Easy Fit Saddle seat leather style

    At one time all western saddles were made with a separate front jockey. There wasn't a specific reason for it, so much as that was as far as the process had evolved, although using a separate from jockey certainly allows for utilizing your leather to the maximum. A seat made in the modern manner takes a big chunk out of a side of leather. Back when separate front jockeys were common, (and I don't know the exact timeline of the evolution of the processes) separate side jockeys were also the norm. They were nailed to the tree, and later stitched to the seat leather. The channel forward of the rear strainer plate was open, with the top of the stirrup leathers exposed where they wrapped around the bars. Later, the seat leather was extended forward and slots cut of the seat, while still using a separate front jockey. I always wondered who was the first guy to cut the seat from one big piece of leather and eliminate the separate front jockey. A disadvantage of using this method is that it can limit the forward swing of the stirrup leathers, and add some bulk where the seat overlaps the front jockey. Also, oftentimes there will be a string at that spot to hold everything together, and it is not the best place to be drilling a hole through the tree. Back when that method was common, riggings often went completely over the fork of the saddle, in the Sam Staff style, and the area of the bar where we fasten riggings today was not as important structurally. Or maybe I should say it was less utilized and less strain put upon it. The evolution of the western saddle as we know it today is a fascinating subject and that is a very brief synopsis.
  10. Big Sioux Saddlery

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    While I'm not a big fan of skulls, I have to say your work is fantastic!
  11. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Keith Pommer Auction

    It's not up on the auction site yet.
  12. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Keith Pommer Auction

    This may be of interest to many of the forum members. There will be some on-line bidding. Watch the auction website for updates and pictures. Auction List.docx
  13. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Production machinery

    Answers will depend largely on the type of work. For me, splitters and skivers, pull-thru edger, creasing machines, auto spotters, riveter. So in other words, pretty much every piece of machinery in my shop. I build harness, tack and saddles. So done making bags would have different needs.
  14. Big Sioux Saddlery

    How do I keep antique from flaking off?

    If a resist is used before the antique, the antique will remain only in cuts and textured areas. If the area where the antique is flaking off is not textured, that is your problem. The purpose of the resist coat is just that, to resist, and there has to be a way for the antique to adhere and remain. If the leather is smooth, and then has the TanKote on top of it, the antique has nothing to adhere to. I hope that made sense, and fwiw, I still have trouble with the resist/antique process occasionally. It seems some pieces just want to give us grief.
  15. Big Sioux Saddlery

    Skiving machines sources

    Where are you located, and what type of skiver are you looking for?